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Amazon Cloud Migration
Remaining in sync with the ever-increasing demands of saving time and energy, the experts at App India Company streamlines Cloud Onboarding and automate the migrations into the cloud. This is inevitable to perform and manage migrations from Windows Server into Amazon Web Services or AWS with minimal clicks saving optimum energy, time and actions. The automated migrations are 100% secure and guarantee near-zero downtime experiences. 

It is easy, costs incurred are negligible and more things can be downloaded within a limited time. Well-suited for business houses, Cloud Migration is highly-recommended for automating hundreds of migrations into the Cloud. It is dependable for providing Easy Source Server Discovery, for securing near-zero downtime in Cloud Migrations and for optimization of the Cloud.

While the database remains fully operational during the migrations, it is immensely reliable to minimize downtime on applications that rely on database. Helping in migration, ACM enhances the functionality and makes it easier to migrate data to and from various commercial and open-source databases. Consolidation and easy analyses of data are synonymous with Amazon Cloud Migration.