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Android: is the operating system developed by Google that finds various applications in phones, notebooks, game consoles, digital cameras and different other electronic gadgets. Competitively priced, readymade technology and customizable operating system make it one of the most desirable operating system. With various automation tools that can be customized for an Android phone, experts at App India design the right tools and methods to ensure that the customer remains 100% happy. Business partners can consult these veterans in the field to create powerful Apps for optimum reachability far and wide. Deemed the most powerful mobile platform having its reach in over 190 countries and fast growing, this system brings new dimensions to gaming, apps and accessing digital content. The power of it is unleashed efficiently and more than a million new Android devices are activated globally which brings new volume to the different Apps and methods devised by App India team. Android has powerful developmental framework with single application model plus an excellent array of tools for deploying various Apps to interested parties globally. The hardware capabilities are unparalleled while the automatic adaption to one’s User Interface makes it not only look good but also provides every user optimum control too.