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Cakephp Framework Development

Cakephp Framework Development

App India Company relies on this free, open-source rapid development framework to help them to work systematically without loss of flexibility. Modeled as per the concepts of Ruby on Rails, and distributed under MIT license, CakePHP depends on software engineering and software design patterns like convention-over-configuration, model-view-controller, active record, association data mapping and front controller. 

This multilingual web framework using cross-platform operating system is the best foundational structure for programmers to create web applications. With an array of tools for coding offered at CakePHP, the active developer team and community help in designing various projects. It is compatible with Versions 4 & 5 of PHP. Superbly functional, this framework has application scaffolding, MVC architecture, built-in validation, flexible caching and works from various website directories without Apache configuration. App India Company experts use it to make Web applications simpler and faster. From the smallest to the complex of systems, this framework with no complicated XML or YAML files is well-suited for commercial applications as it has built-in translations, database access and many more that are built in the original PHP MVC authentic frameworks. It has well-designed conventions to guide when developing various applications and in-built tools for validation, CSRF protection, form tampering protection, SQL injection protection & XSS prevention to retain optimum safety and security for every application.