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Drupal: is the open-source software relied on by different individuals and groups to design, create and manage various Websites and it comprises of a content management platform as well as a development framework. Immensely useful, it is well-suited for Blogs, Corporate and Personal websites, Portals, Forums, E-Commerce sites, Intranets, Resource Directories and Social Networking sites. This open-source management system does not charge its users for using this software and with a big community of users, developers & administrators to help, its usability factors are boosted. Deemed one of the most stable system, it offers software than can be downloaded for free. One can use it and can modify it without the need to purchase it, get license or provide maintenance fees.  App India experts rely on it as Drupal is highly reliable, offers various resources and has a dynamic and functional community to provide support. With a source code for building Drupal sites, complex and advanced work too can be conveniently modified. The most flexible CMS, customizing content to fit the needs, option to connect with various modules and edit it and optimum security ensured as it immediately locks the installed directory makes this software truly different from other CMS. Drupal can be relied on to effortlessly build personal or corporate Websites, community portal sites, intranet/corporate sites, blogs, art, portfolio, music & multimedia sites, Forums, international sites in multi-languages, Ecommerce sites, resource directories and social networking sites. A fast-evolving Open Source, it is the best choice for sites that require rapid development of typical website functionality and innumerable high-profile sites consider it the best bet for future development.