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Zoop Development

A customized PHP software development written in Zoop offers various advantages that are replete with open source libraries, dynamic & custom software solutions and commendable frameworks. The team at App India Company depends on it as a single-time solution for all their technological needs. 

This open source web application development toolkit or framework is the reliable partner to provide cost-effective solutions. Zoop is extremely lightweight and is loaded with features like 
Active record database support
Form & data validation
Security & XSS filtering
Error logging
Application profiling
Support for hooks & class extensions
Unit testing class and many more

App India Company meets their business requirements at affordable rates by depending on Zoop. This fully functional MVC based system with optimum support from various platforms helps in session management, FTP Class, benchmarking, data encryption full page caching and many more. Ideal to design the best Ecommerce websites, Corporate Websites, Job portals and professional networking portals, the specialists here deliver the best-in-class products.