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Android vs. iOS the future trends

14th November 2017

Everyone is aware of the most trending operating systems that are used by millions of people every day. Android vs iOS is the evergreen and most up-to-date topic in the iOS Application Development Company India, and experts widely talk about on this subject. From past more than a few years, there’s an incessant fight for incomparability between these 2 major mobile operating systems developed by the technology giants Apple and Google. Both the operating systems have something unique and them.

According to the freshly conducted marketplace survey, there are approximately 65% Android users in the Smartphone sector and 35% iOS users. This totally states that Android has taken the guide as the mobile stage of choice. The most established OS is iOS, Android, and Windows. At present, Android and iOS have captured the larger fraction of the mobile marketplace. According to up to date scenario, the two operating systems are 96.7% of the whole mobile industry.

Let’s have a comparative study discussion about Apple Vs Android:

Worldwide Market Share in OS

Do you know Android OS, belong to Google and is Linux-based operating system and is partially an open source? Originally Android was developed by Android Inc., the company was later on acquired by the tech giant Google in 2005.  On the other hand, iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system. At present Android OS is dominating the market with a gigantic 87%, while iOS comes at a rate of 12%.

Security and Privacy

Android OS is more open on Android as compared to Apple; it is somewhat more susceptible to hacks and cyber attacks. The device fragmentation and honesty of installing apps that are from third-party makes Android OS vulnerable to security fears. iOS Application Development is very inflexible in giving right of entry to your locations and contact info to your Apps, which is not the case with Android OS Apps.

Apple Vs Android — the Future Trends

In short, we can say that Apple and Android jointly control the market and are evenly excellent in their own right. We cannot prefer one and avoid the other as choosing any one of them is totally a personal preference or by one that is governed by their business needs. So, if you are planning to buy the new Mobile phone then you can simply identify your needs, first choice, time and financial plan and use these as a decisive factor for your decision-making, as both are offering you with best products and features.

Both OS offer you with high quality and feature-rich Mobile Application Development Services. The end consequence is, if you have a good budget then choose iOS and if you are looking for an open-source OS at low cost then choose Android.

Make sure you review your end audience and financial plan before choosing the mobile app platform of your choice. For more details about iOS Application Development Services and Android app development, you can contact App India Company.


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