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Arrival Of New APIs And Blocking The Older Ones

29th March 2019

Android Q is quite approaching by the developers where there is also an addition of new APIs whereas the previous APIs are getting blocked for the security reasons. In the initial preview of Android Q, it was limited to the developers and early adopters to begin tinkering with.

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In this blog, we will give you the summation of the modifications done till date.

Added APIs

Well, new additions are found always appreciating and interesting than the things which have been taken away. So, let’s jump into these changes.

Neural API 1.2- Well, it’s completely clear that Google is considering AI important and that’s why it’s including AI into their maximum products. In fact, this also helps the developers to perform the same as they used to earlier but now in an effective way. API was released first in 2017 but in Android Q, it’s updated in a different manner. Yes, here it’s updated with an improved performance which supports 60 new operations including ARGMIN, ARGMAX, and quantized LSTM. Mainly, it’s going to be helped the apps to function more independently and improving the capabilities.

Native MIDI API- It will be very useful for the developer who creates apps for creative purposes. This also makes the android devices to use MIDI audio devices for effective and better communication than earlier. With the help of NDI communication, particularly improves the performance of those apps which use C+ for audio processing.

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MediaCodeInfo API- This API is beneficial for those developers who used to display video contents. It aims for simplifying the identification of relevant specs of the device like screen resolution, frame rate, ratio and size and probably with no doubt that what are the codex which it supports.

Changed API Policies

Here comes the turn of introducing the changes which Google will introduce and enforce soon:

Public APIs: This is not a particular APIs but it’s like a pledge of a Google in which it supports the less APIs which are not private. These type of APIs are often limited to particular organisations and are even more prone to security and stability issues. Well, it will be a gradual process in which Google requesting the users to switch from the private to the public alternatives over time. Though it will be only for the developers using Android Q and the above APIs will be mandated to adhere to this upcoming API policy.

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API Targeting: Well, when it comes to the targeting then for Google there will be a need for hiring the developers to build apps for the new Android versions. After 2019, developers will have to develop the apps compatible with Android 9 ‘Pie’at a minimum. In fact, users will be also given warning for this and including this Google will also implement the need for apps to have 64-bit versions.

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