Artificial Intelligence- A revolution in the app development

Artificial Intelligence- A revolution in the app development

by admin | October 12, 2020

Artificial intelligence has given the app developers a chance to explore and grow simultaneously in the competitive market. AI helps in designing machines that can untangle human tasks. The mobile apps has made reaching out to the services at the fingertips.

Artificial I is becoming one of those technologies that are bringing transformation on the society like a bloom. It has become the technology people are driving towards the most as it has helped in improving business growth,  relationships and working procedure.

Many of the top and emerging app development companies are adapting AI and are working in a way that they can make it accessible to the people easily.  AI has helped in bringing up the image recognition,  bar code and QR code scanning,  face recognition just with the help of mobile apps. 

Due to the scalable and flexible nature of the technology,  it is giving new opportunities and possibilities of innovations. Mobile applications that are using AI are giving much more improved satisfaction to the users.

Benefits of AI integration in Mobile apps

  1. The collaboration of Artificial intelligence along with the IoT has helped on creating a more personalized and amazing user experience. By using a combination of both,  user can finish several of his tasks just by sitting at one place. One can do great things with the mobile apps with these technologies from switching on or off a light to setting up take for the microwave.
  2. Text and voice search have been in use from a decade but image recognition is something different that AI has given us. Image or visual search provide the exact results even when you don’t know how to describe it.
  3. Play store is filled with the apps that can do translation using the internet but Artificial intelligence integrated apps can help to translate languages even with the internet connection.
  4. Face recognition is just another benefit of the AI that has helped on increasing the security.  It can identify the face of the actual user even when he is wearing spectacle, have beards or try to make different facial expressions.

Some top rated apps that are using AI are mentioned below-

  1. Cloud based Digital flywheel program of Starbucks is using Artificial intelligence that helps in providing a customized routine to its users. 
  2. Lenskart is using face recognition that helps users in trying frames in the three dimensions.
  3. Amazon is also giving a transformation to its working procedure with the AI.

There is no doubt that omnipresenceof Artificial intelligence has achieved a remarkable progress in several sectors of the organizations. Itis a technology that will keep on developing day by day and will make our lives advance leading to the way of progress especially through mobile apps. Thus the importance of Artificial intelligence in the development of mobile apps can not be undeniable.