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How to develop an instant chat app like Whatsapp?

24th January 2018

From the past few years, the colossal increase in instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Line, Skype, hike, Wechat, and telegram has been observed. Amid all the chatting mobile apps, the WhatsApp has scored extreme user base and fame in the shorter span of 8 years. According to various studies and research, WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging apps with over 1 billion users.

How to develop an instant messaging app like Whatsapp?

The dazzling features of the WhatsApp making it a top option of the persons and pushing the mobile app industry to fix an application alike to the WhatsApp that permit the users to share text, audio, images, video, location, voice call, video call and much more.

instant messaging app

                                                                            Resource: Statista Research & Analysis

Without the doubt, if you are planning on creating such apps, you want to exactly know how much the Messaging App Development costs to build the messaging apps that have all the features of WhatsApp. You are at the right place; App India is a leading Mobile Application Development Company would help you with no trouble navigate what you will need to be prepared for.

Before diving into the conclusion you need to know what features you want to include in your Chatting Mobile Apps Development process to make your app alike to the WhatsApp.

  • Data and files backup offline and on the cloud
  • Read recipient confirmations
  • Video or group audio calls
  • Voice calling
  • Status privacy options
  • Three privacy options- Last seen, Profile photo, Blocked list
  • Desktop compatible app
  • End to end conversation encryption
  • Mute the chat groups

Cost components

Cost components of Mobile messaging apps for android needs a batch of components like design/UX, native platforms, backend development, frontend and web app, and quality assurance.

How much does it cost?

For Android chat app development like WhatsApp, also, depends on a development team involved. We cannot say for every organization or plan scope, but a standard normal practice is:

  • 1 business analyst (optional)
  • 1 project manager
  • Mobile developers (2 iOS devs, 2 Android devs)
  • Web developers (1 front-end, 1 for back-end)
  • Testing engineers
  • 2-4 designers
  • 1-2 marketing managers (optional)

Know more about iOS chat app development rates:

  • For Android platform – USD 8500
  • For Windows platform – USD 11500
  • For IOS platform – USD 9250

Hire Dedicated App Developers

With App India we hope you know how a free app likes WhatsApp. So for Best mobile messaging apps to flourish first focus on users from all over the globe. Make them enthusiastic about your app, and then add features from time to time to make the audience excited.


So at the end, you had a clear view of how much it costs for Chatting Mobile Apps Development. What’s next? It’s instant to get linked up with the best Mobile app development company like App India that can help you in shaping the app of your choice.


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