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Google Launches A New App For The People With Impaired Motor Skills

14th November 2019

Recently, Google has introduced a new app for people with motor impairments. It will help the users to access their smartphones through voice and even its name is ‘Voice- access’. It enables the users to navigate through mobile and apps, write and edit the text by voice commands.

Voice Access app will take full control on your phone and you can access any feature of the mobile by simply just a voice command. Apart from this, users can communicate with Google Assistant and perform actions like scrolling, tapping a button, etc.

Google Voice Access


Designed for the motor disabled people

The sole motive of Voice Access app is to help people with motor impairments so that they can easily interact with their mobile phones.  The app actively listens to the users and work according to the given command. While browsing the app you will find that they are assigned the areas where users can interact with.

“Everyone can benefit from hands-free support when using technology, but for the 62 million people in the U.S. with motor and mobility impairments, it can be a vital requirement.” wrote Google in its update.

How does Voice Access app work?

Though operating Voice Access is very easy here we have mentioned the few commands to give you a brief summary.

Let’s know these:

  • Say the app/option no. you want to open or tab, and say ‘Open’ for access
  • To type or write anything, users will say ‘Ok Google’ and speak their message.
  • For edit, they can say ‘Delete The Line’ and speak their message.
  • To stop writing, they will say ‘Stop Listening’.

The app highly relies on the numbers assigned to the option/app across the user interface. Users are simply required to speak the app/option no. for navigating it through their phone. Including this, the app is developed for the people suffering from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and spinal cord injuries.

Supports English language and for android users

Currently, Voice Access supports only the English language and available for android users. In the coming days, it will have some new features too and support other languages.


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