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Google Voice Search Will Be Replaced Soon

13th August 2019

Reportedly, Google is in the process of replacing its voice search feature in the android devices with Google Assistant. According to the report from 9TO5Google, the icon of old voice search is replaced with an Assistant icon in the Google app and search bar widget.

Including this, the search bar widgets now invite the user to “Ask your Assistant” where earlier it had the message “Say Hey Google”.

When assistant performs the triggered voice queries then the results open in a slide-up panel.

It sounds that, this change is not for all the android devices as 9TO5Google have also confirmed that, the change has been rolled out now only to a few android devices.

Google Voice Search

What does this change mean exactly?

The changes are introduced to improve the user interface. However, this change has potentially not impacted the users on a large percentage. It has just given the assistant’s penchant to provide users with the answer to their queries. When users get the answer from the Google Assistant, then they don’t need to perform a search on the search engines and browse the publisher’s site.

Although, it’s important to keep in mind that we can’t get the direct answer of all our queries through voice search.

At the same time, it has become impossible to know what impact it will have on users because no search data is being provided by Google.


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