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How rapid app development is dominating the world?

8th April 2019

The market with the advent of the internet has evolved over the years where the face of software development is continuously changing. It’s always believed by us that all the changes are the outcome of time and period we are living. All these changes are brought always to reduce the time and increase effectiveness. Unlike the physically manufactured products requires a developer before testing but the software development is entirely different, here developers can change the design, functioning,  features and many more during the development period. This allows the developer to develop effective, customized and advanced software.

rapid app development Company

With these advancements, many top android app development Companies are using rapid application development. It has created to help the prototyping process without even worrying about the end product. In fact, the presence of these good development models is always appreciated.

In this article, we will discuss those points of rapid app development which bringing change in the Rapid app development and web world.

What is rapid app development?

For many years, the web and mobile app development companies use the waterfall model of development for mobile app development. This model of development generally follows linear sequence events and it was very popular in the sectors of engineering and construction. The major defect in it was that we can’t create another phase if the first one is pending. Here, it’s required to ensure that all the steps are completing subsequently.

In Rapid App Development the case is different as the developers can create multiple updates while developing a software. With the WMD it needs to begin from the scratch whereas in RAD there is no such requirement. The rapid app development allows taking quick feedbacks and updates during the long development cycles of software. In fact, the mobile app developer from so long have begun using this platform for Rapid app development.

Know the difference between the Waterfall Development & the Rapid Application Development System

Both the developing models are discussed above predominantly used by the developers from so many years. However, due to a few and series of sequential steps followed in developing a software with rapid app development. Here, we have the steps:

  • Requirement definition: This is the major requirement of both the mobile and web developers to provide wide requirements for developing software.
  • Prototypes: This one is considered as the most critical aspect of developing software by RAD. It helps the developers to create different prototypes having different features for testing. This also makes easier to reach the final decision.
  • Feedback: Feedbacks are important to make more updates and adjustments to the prototypes. Such functionality, the interface including other features are always prioritized more in the current development phase.
  • Finalizing software: Once you are done and satisfied with the updates created regarding the functionality, aesthetics, usability, interface and many more, you can deliver it successfully to your client.

Above, we have listed the series of sequential steps followed in software development using rapid app development. The importance of RAD in the software development are so much effective that our developers can’t even overlook. Using this in development can positively and effectively impact your business. Following we have mentioned the reasons.

Rapid app developers

Listed below are the benefits:

  • Reduces development time- One of the main reason behind using RAD in software development is time-saving. Unlike the WMD where you have to follow the series of steps and that too in sequence but in RAD there are only a few subsequent levels of steps involved. In fact, you can freely make the changes during the phase of a prototype. Therefore, using it is timely and useful for producing productive results.
  • Quick Feedback & Solution- The most important requirement of every software development is to sort out the bugs and flaws during the development phase. Since the time when making and adding new updates during the prototype has become easier, the duty of fulfilling the client’s requirement has become simpler.
  • A better understanding of client’s requirement– Good communication and proper follow-up are the most important factors of developing successful and customized software. This is what RAD has made possible and gave a better understanding of the client’s requirement. As during the prototype phase both the clients and developers comes forward to brainstorm together. Hence, with the mutual understanding of both, developers are able to deliver a successful and excellent project.
  • High level of productivity- The major benefit of using rapid app development platform is the ability to increase ability. As having more time in your hands while using RAD enables you to work on the multiple prototypes. In fact, using RAD in software development also allows you to utilize it in developing other projects.

Therefore, it’s doubtless that rapid app development is effectively impacting the world of web and mobile app development. Using this for software development today is a great option of boosting the productivity and reducing the mistakes. If you are looking for Cryptocurrency Development Company then contact us  for more.


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