Difference between Android version 9 and 10

Difference between Android version 9 and 10

by admin | October 5, 2020

Android Operating System is one of the majorly used platforms by Smartphone users and app developers. Android users are always excited to know about the update in their operating system once they know that latest update is going to be made soon. Recently, two major updates have come in Android OS that is Android version 9 and 10. There are a lot of updates made in these two versions and the same will be disclosed in this article.

Android 9

Android 9 or Pie is the ninth major release and the 16th version released under Android mobile operating system.  The version was publicly released on August 6, 2018 and by the August 2020, there were more than 28% of Android mobile devices running with this version if Android OS.

Android 10

Android 10 is the 10th major release and 17th known version of Android mobile operating system that was released on September 3’2019. Android 10 provides you “dark theme” along with the “gesture navigation” and the “focus mode” for shutting down the push notifications.

Sr. No.DifferenceAndroid 9Android 10
 1Connectivity optionsAble to connect 5 varied devices by switching among them in real timeGives Wi-Fi sharing with QR code in place of password.
 2NotificationsPull down the screen to check out alerts and notificationsNotifications appear as bubble chat heads.
 3SpeedSpeedy file sharing with NFCImproved speed of file sharing with Fast Share
 4Wi-Fi speedSpeed and connectivity is goodImproved Wi-Fi speed with adaptive Wi-Fi
 5Battery PerformanceGood battery life with auto brightness optionLonger battery life with dark mode                
 6FontsSmaller font size and can be changed from settingsBigger and better fonts than version 9 and are alterable

Let us know here to have the clarity about which of the two Android versions is better. 

Messaging and Emojis

Android 9 made Google, the second leading vendor that is supporting Emojis with the introduction of more than 150 new smile emojis.

Android 10 have come up with features like “Smart Reply” and “Suggested Actions”. It provides suggestions to mail that come up through Gmail that can be given some appropriate and common replies. 

Privacy and Security

Android 10 has come up with the dedicated privacy option in the settings app of your android smartphones.

Gesture Navigation

 Android 9 has a home button in the shape of a pill that was a help to navigation.

Android 10 has removed the home button and have introduced quick gesture. In order to switch between the two apps opened you have to swipe up and hold and then you can swipe either left or right.

Digital Wellbeing

In   Android 9 a feature named as a “Digital Wellbeing” was introduced that shows the frequency of using different apps.

Android 10 has an enhanced feature of this as a “Focus mode” that can turn off apps that are distracting while you are working. It also has a “Family Link” that let you monitor the activities of your kids.

Face Recognition

The face recognition was introduced by the Android 9 for the security reasons. It can help users to unlock their phones or confirm the UPI transactions

Android 10 has this feature in upgraded version.

So when we are aware of almost the entire exciting features that Android 9 and 10 pursue, the question is which of the two is better? Both of the versions deliver so much of useful features but the selection of the one depends upon the features you want to focus on. The priority is to serve enhanced user experience.