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Custom API Development Services

AppIndia mobile app developers are specialised in developing enterprise-grade REST APIs that can be used easily, well documented and reliable as well. They allow flexible integrations and existing products customisation that enable the developers to enhance their service in creative and innovative ways.

Being a leading custom API development company in India, we provide excellent mobile app API services. Our professional API developers are experts in developing native apps that are fully customised and match your business requirements.

What is API?

An API that means application program interface is a set of protocols, routines and tools required for building the software applications. Basically, it specifies how the software should interact with each other. In short, it's a pipeline that connects two different systems together.

How does API work?

As we have considered API is a pipeline that connects two different systems. What one system want to get, it requests from the other system. Let's get it understood with the examples.

  • E-commerce- If you have a subscription site, then you need to integrate it with the payment gateway for processing the user payment that should be either one time or on a scheduled basis. Systems like Stripe or Braintree allow such integration with their payment capabilities via an API connection. Both the providers create public API documentation that your system in return utilised for the development of application connection to their gateways.
  • Lead Generation- If you are in the lead generation business, you may require for the utilisation of an API for sending and receive direction both. For e.g., sites with custom lead generation might require API utilisation for storing the leads gathered across the complex digital ecosystem. On the other side, you may require to send these generated leads to a sales system or marketing.
  • Powering Mobile Apps- Every mobile application that needs "cloud" storage utilises an API for worldwide communication. Cloud simply means a server that is required for storing and accessing the data programs over the internet platform rather than the computer's drive. Without an API, data can't be shared as there is no other alternative.

These are just the few areas where custom API development is beneficial. Besides these, there are literally hundred sectors or even more than where it can be used.