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When it comes to buying a sports and fitness accessory, a list of big brand names come to our mind that has developed its place in the market. And when you being a not-so-popular sports brand want to gain name and fame like others, you have to make lots of efforts and the sequence of efforts include your online presence first. Sports and fitness is an industry that always have a bulk of enthusiastic customers and steady and guaranteed revenue growth in much less time and this aspect can never be neglected by the entrepreneurs. If you are available online then it’s easy for you to gain immense identity and awareness for your brand. A website is the basic need of every business in present times when you are looking to gain wide audience. If you have a website or mobile app, your customers will reach you whenever they search for products or services you are offering them.

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In the urge to get a quality and result-driven sports website development, you need to reach an experienced and reputed website development company. It’s our belief that every sports or fitness business owner must have a solid online presence to enhance the target audience and it is truly possible with our fitness website development. Our team has created several ecommerce websites on almost all development platforms including Shopify, Magento, Woo-commerce, and others.

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Here is what makes us the best sports & fitness web development company

Create a website that is responsive to your entire device.

We will give you a website that is SEO friendly, i.e. suitable for your marketing goals.

You will get a website that loads in no time.

Your website will have everything that is required to bring in more and more prospects.

It will be built on best development platform.

We’ll provide you a website that is easy to access for your customers.

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When you have any sports app development idea, do not wait for anything else, reach us out and share your idea with us. We will help you to make it possible with our expertise, professionals and experience that excels in providing best of the iOS and Android app development services. You know that fitness app development is not a one day or one week task it is a long process that starts when our representative will have the details from you to analyse and then it will go up to launch and maintenance. And you will not want this worthy one time investment to go waste by developing it from any less experienced development company or freelancer.

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If you wish to you can also hire an in-house team of designers and developers for creating your app but the people you would hire would be limited as compared to a big, reputed firm like App India. You should rather hire a development company like App India which will work for you day and night just to finish the projects within the promised deadlines and with the promised quality level. The plus point of hiring us is that we do not work on any project by taking it as a client’s project but we take it as our own project and give our best to develop it. With App India, one thing is for sure that you will get which is a quality fitness app development. It doesn’t matter if you are here for Android app development or iOS app development, what matter to us is your idea which needs to be carved into best product.

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The plus point of hiring us is that we do not work on any project by taking it as a client’s project but we take it as our own project and give our best to develop it. With App India, one thing is for sure that you will get which is a quality fitness app development. It doesn’t matter if you are here for Android app development or iOS app development, what matter to us is your idea which needs to be carved into best product.

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Fitness App Development

Benefits of Fitness App Development

  • Users can upload their photos and videos while performing workout. They can make and enrol to various groups that work as per their requirements.

  • Get all your former and forthcoming games data and keep track of most recent things taking place in the community

  • The admins can manage ads and subscriptions easily.

  • Higher customer reliability with more client retention.

  • Users can send and receive messages and push notification feature is a suitable advantage for this.

  • Users can trace growth of your health and workout programs.

Features of Fitness and Sports App Development

Track Fitness Activity

You can trace your Fitness Activity by running, walking, or cycling to other diverse sports efficiently employ GPS along with time, speed, distance, heart rate, & track daily indoor workouts performed manually.

Activity Log

It helps to preserve the activity log of diet charts, workouts, sports activity sessions, health, and activity data to track whole day, week, & monthly activities & compare it.

Video-based Guidance

We offer video-based guidance which plays an essential role, if you are finding ways to develop any workout app or other sports solution. It is useful to the app users so as to get comprehensive directions & gradually guidance with one-on-one support.

Fitness and Sports App Development

Wearable Connectivity

IoT devices mainly need committed software and characteristics, enabling the owner to relate, synchronize, and observe their data.


Using mobile sensors and wearable devices data, fitness apps can determine biometrics like heart rate, running pace, and calorie ingestion

Workout Plans

You can prepare your workout plan that suits your hectic schedule and works based on your exact requirements.

Boost your business with best Fitness App now!

With our fitness app development, you can efficiently claim a healthy way of life that is sometimes a challenge for your company’s members, & maintaining a record of lifestyle is quite big dare. However, keeping record of activities may be the inspiration your members need to have them to the right route on their workout schedule. There is a horde of fitness mobile apps available today allows to keep track of their progress. Some of them happen to be more complex than others & it completely relies upon what they are looking for.

  • Our fitness mobile app developers realize the appropriate requisites & establish the app based on your objectives & requirement.
  • Our mobile application offers you to perform regular workouts so that you get in desired shape & be healthy as soon as possible, whether you are young or old.
  • There are several workout tutorial videos that guide the app users on how you can perform any exercise its benefits.
  • We serve daily workout session videos that are appropriately useful to make the correct body pose.

Transform your business with best Fitness Apps

We offer apps that are appropriate and the best decision for those who are involved in fitness & active lifestyle. Top Fitness App Development Companies defines your business through the globe. Our mobile applications help the app users to coach, trace, & enhance their well being. It is best apposite for the users who like running, cycling, walking, or other that can be recorded with the GPS. Moreover, this save any activity & keep a record of how one’s health is progressing with time. The app does this with a range of features that include:

Logging fitness activity on a daily basis

Trace activities like running, walking or cycling

Share your photos while you are working out & make your fitness memories

Tracing out weight, body fat & body dimensions


We, at App India, are highly knowledgeable in building a diversity of health and fitness applications. We actually empathize that people these days have become highly worried towards health and fitness. Our mobile app solutions will uplift your gym and fitness center. With our smart mobile applications, make your user base more informed of their health condition. We design and develop mobile apps that induce users to download the apps from play store. All mobile apps we design are based on your business targets and goals. This is how we put together appealing, user-friendly, and perfect fitness and wellness applications that are genuine to your health and fitness objectives, with the appropriate technology entrenched.


We have a pool of experienced fitness app developers who have worked on several sports app development projects and acquires knowledge in application development.


If you are worried about privacy and security of your data, then we can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that your thorough data and information are absolutely safe with us.


We offer you a clear as crystal communication and believe in keeping things transparent. You can interact with our mobile app developers directly as there is no middleman as we prefer to be transparent.


We are always there with you when you need any help or support with your project. We can serve you support through calls, emails, Skype or CRM.


Our outstanding web and mobile application development process are comparatively standard and available at quite impressive rates


We work in real-time settings to deliver business-exclusive solutions for our reputed customers. Our Fitness app development services are offer scalable and interactive services.

Diversity of sports and fitness related apps we are providing

  • Fitness activity tracker app development

  • Nutrition manager app development

  • Sports equipments app development

  • Workout app development

  • Personal trainer app development

  • Sports activity tracker app development and many more

Professional Sports App Development Company

App India is a foremost sports app development company that emphasizes on offering pioneering solutions at a cost-efficient price and within a short time. With more than a decade of experience with some of the leading business names, we have high expertise that you require to take your sports and fitness app to the next level.

Our team has over 250+ committed mobile application developers and marketing specialist will work round the clock to deliver product which we are highly proud of. We pursue each of our project in a exclusive way, working to go with the particular requirements to our best capabilities. Whether you’re looking for a custom-made app developed from base based on your preferences or a fast solution as a white-label solution, we’ve got what it needs to get it done.

We have the knowledge to navigate complications of this diverse industry in a progressive and efficient way. If you can think of it, we can develop it. Make use of the best of fitness mobile app development with our broad app development strategies that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. You can come and join us to be a part of the App India company today.

Sincerity and discussion are two key points leading us to success. Let’s talk today and create something new.


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