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App India, being a leading mobile app development company in the market and are making every effort that we can make in to match up the level of competition of fast growing world. In the hustle and bustle of the world, people do not have any time to go and shop the groceries and other stuff to use for their daily life. Most of the people now prefer to buy groceries via online grocery store that delivers them groceries right to their doorstep. Rather than any other mobile app major portion of people are using grocery buying app on a large scale. The grocery app helps you to save time and to buy your groceries more conveniently. These days majority of our customers are asking to develop “Grocery Mobile App” so that customers can buy their groceries by sitting at their home just with a click of a button.

The world is experiencing transformation while entering into the modern age. Those days are gone when people were required to plan the list of their weekly or monthly groceries and then visit the store to buy the needed stuff in person. Nowadays, people choose the option of time saving and a need of straightforward food and grocery shopping. The perception to deliver groceries straight to your doorstep has improved the progress of grocery app development. It has been observed in the modern-day times that the number of buyers who download on-demand online grocery apps in their smartphones is regularly growing. The online grocery shopping fashion has stimulated and stunned the industry. We are known for being the one-stop destination for online grocery app in India. We have a team of professional grocery mobile app developers who build smartphone applications for grocery stores in an extensive way.

Our committed team has provided our clients with professionals that are highly efficient and inspiring grocery app development service to enhance the consumers buying experience. Offer yourself the one-time opportunity to accomplish something by employing our on-demand grocery app in Delhi.

Features of Grocery App

Social media login

With the social media login allows quick and easy login for users to their app account.

Order history

Order history is the record that shows where the app users can see the details from previous purchases.

Push notification

Push notifications or SMS alerts can be used to remind the user base about any proffered offers or discounts

Feedback and rating

Users can share their reviews and ratings on the products they’ve bought to help other users to get understanding.


Use the coupons and promo codes offered to buy your desired products at a economical rate.

Delivery Report

Delivery report for the customer can be viewed once you notice that delivery is done by the professionals.

Filter option

Offer filter in app to allow them sort the products based on the constraints the user want to search for.

Quick search

Fast search option can be enable to look for the products easier and quicker.

Order tracking

The customer should receive alerts via SMS & mail, and the customers can track real-time order status.

Payment Mode

Customers can pay with the widespread & user-friendly payment modes, along with Paytm, UPI, PayPal, and Google Pay.

Order management

Order management will help to handle with this exclusive feature in the admin web panel

Store management

Admin will be able to manage the grocery stores that will be able to sell products with the app

Transaction history

Admin can get access to the transaction history made in the past to examine if required

Interactive dashboard

Engaging admin dashboard in the app that allows easy and smooth functioning of the mobile application

Customer management

Admin will manage the activities for customer and handle the situations if any

Content management

Content management allows you to manage content in your app with the simple dashboard.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs support businesses to be consistent and interact with the buyers, which help you improving your brand loyalty. There are different loyalty programs like redeemable coins, vouchers, memberships, or gift cards etc.

In-App Calling

Offering the feature of in-app calling allows the delivery boy to be in touch with both consumer and grocery store owner with the app.

In-App Chatting

Just like in-app calling feature, you can offer the app with a chat feature by which the delivery boy will be in touch with the buyer and store owner.

In-App Navigation

In-app navigation with the Google Maps allows user to track location of delivery quite easily with the delivery address and helps the delivery boy to locate.

Why to invest in Grocery App?

  • More and more customers now are buying through a mobile grocery app rather than going to the store.
  • It helps the user to have a hassle free shopping experience.
  • Grocery app helps in saving time of customers and helps them have a comfortable shopping experience.
  • A grocery app provides easy reach to more products
  • Customers will know where is their order and gives the sense of satisfaction
  • It helps to save the efforts and money both.

Our app company is a one-stop destination for all the grocery store owners who aspire to take their business of grocery selling a few notches higher than expected. We have a combination of highly-qualified and knowledgeable online grocery app developers, who design grocery apps in an exceptional way. With the esteemed experience and vast knowledge of our developers and our company, our first-rate app developers’ offers highly-functional and grocery apps rich in quality to enhance the shopping experience of the consumers in our grocery app.

We offer go to grocery delivery apps like the well-known grocery delivery apps like BigBasket, Grofers, and Flipkart. With the grocery online apps, people can buy essential groceries being in the comfort of your homes. Over the passing years, we have gained a proven track of 100% client satisfaction with our wide range of grocery app development services.

Grocery App Development Company

App India as a grocery app development company is modifying the way people purchase groceries over internet that do everything from thinking, processing to management for you. Our grocery mobile app developers design and develop online grocery app in India that are direct, innovative, user engaging, highly developed and are easy and quick to access.

App India offers on-demand grocery app solutions for online grocery startups, grocery chains & grocery marketplace. The ready-to-use app solutions are easy to customize depending on your business model. We are a result-oriented grocery application development company a business can trust. We have developed more than 100 mobile applications and we always look forward to help you establish your grocery business. Our grocery mobile app solution helps to target customers who constantly look for interesting and diversity of grocery items to purchase online. Online delivery app allows users to order from a wide variety just with a single click of your phone. The app allows your customers buy from different stores in their region. The shopper gathers all the needed products and conveys them at a fixed duration.

Process of Grocery App Development


This is the initial stage where our team gathers information and ideas on the concept of the project from the client and by doing a proper in-depth market research. Based on that, a detailed plan is built for the app development.


The layout of your grocery mobile app is prepared that include the wireframes and user-interface at this stage by our well-versed mobile app designers


Based on the design and layout, a robust program is prepared by our excellently skilled programmers to offer functionality to the multiple attributes of your online grocery app. The developers build different modules and then combine together to get tested by our quality assurance team.


After the execution of the app code onto the design, the app is send for testing by a number of tests to make sure that there are no bugs or issues in the app. We want to offer app that has no issues and is ready to serve by launch to the target audience.


The final product is at this phase ready to be delivered to the client. They can assess the app and reach us back for getting an update or improvement if needed in their app.

App India Technologies

Our Portfolio

We have powered many iOS and android grocery applications for our esteemed clients. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Why Choose Us?

We offer customized and readymade grocery app solutions to be delivered to our esteemed clients. Our off the peg solution is the suitable solution which help to save time and cutting the grocery app development cost in India. Our online grocery app developers are skilled with the ability to develop the grocery solutions right from scratch depending upon the market trends and our clients’ requirements. We are offering a highly functional and feature enriched grocery app in Android and iOS platforms that are sufficient to serve your needs.

Experienced Professionals

We have a set of professionals who are highly skilled in their work and they have helped us to deliver efficient and result driven mobile apps.

24*7 Customer Service

Our customer support staff is always available at your service 24*7. You can share your query to them whenever you want to.

On Time Delivery

As we have a team that is highly efficient, they deliver the projects before the deadline.

No Loss of Data

We ensure that none of your important and confidential data is shared to anyone.

Flexible Price Range

We offer a versatile range of prices that can vary as per the requirement of our customers.

Scalable Apps

Our team develop the apps that are highly scalable, so that our client can add features in future if they want to.

User-friendly development

Our mobile apps are very easy to use and appealing enough and designed in a way to give you the optimum user-experience when required

Feature-rich Apps e

Irrespective of the kind of app you are looking for, our grocery app development services provide app built with the basic features or even an advanced fully-featured app, we can develop it for you.

App India is serving a large segment of clients that are doing business not only at Indian level but also at international level. We have worked hard and maintained to earn a big name in the market as a top mobile app development company. So let’s take your business online with the help of a grocery app development.


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