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Open Web Application Security Project

Are you aware of the OWASP Top 10 list of vulnerabilities? If not then you are at the right place with App India. We offer you with a range of quality services that can help you to protect your web application. OWASP TOP 10 is a list of the most widespread vulnerabilities found in web applications. Through this project, you can get complete information about various software development and application delivery guidelines on how to guard and protect your web applications against these vulnerabilities. App India offers open web application security project. 

We are a foremost application security corporation with a full series of services around application security, security assessments, application testing, secure code assessment, training on secure coding, and execution of a web application security approach for your organization.

Our team of professional has several years of knowledge in reviewing the application code and features of applications to protect various applications from a security perspective across a variety of technology platforms.

App India Approach to Web Security Services

App India uses an integer of application security testing practices to protect you from vulnerabilities. This might consist of grey-box testing, black-box testing, fault injection, and performance monitoring. Our experts know the value and worth of your business web applications and thus deliver you with the most promising results to protect you from any sort of risk and threats.

We also have a team of testing experts who on regular basis check your web applications and inform you related the same. To keep our staff updated with latest bugs and vulnerabilities we provide them complete training about the same to stay updated with the technology and thus we deliver the results you are looking for. Contact us anytime for open web application security project services. 

We perform logic testing to check application's functionality and various other manipulations.

OWASP Web Services @ App India

Our services are highly suited and assured for your business purposes. App India OWASP Web Services provides defense beyond these vulnerabilities by offering a complete protection for application-specific vulnerabilities. For getting more information about the same you can contact us today and our experts are ready to help you out.

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