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Food Delivery App Development

App India Company is one of the renowned mobile app development companies offering affordable yet effective mobile app services efficiently. We help in designing and developing mobile apps for Restaurant owners to speed up their business enlargement and deliver the most excellent online results for the restaurant business. Our mission behind Online Food Ordering Mobile App thought is to make sure a quick and most excellent quality food delivered to your customer’s right at the effortlessness of their doorstep. Nowadays, individuals decide their food menu over mobiles only, and consequently, it is imperative to serve your business online with the help of an Online Food Ordering App Development otherwise, you may pass on your customers to your competitors.

We at App India Company let you represent your Restaurant business online with the help of a well-designed and customized Mobile Food Ordering System. This further lets you showcase your features, menu, services, restaurant photos, and specialty in the middle of a variety of cuisines or any other connected information on the go, thus increasing your business reach.

Get Restaurant App Development services and online food ordering system from App India Company in both Android and iOS stores. Mobile apps have previously been creating ripples in the retail business, and restaurants are not back. Restaurant mobile apps have forayed.

Food App Development Company

Benefits of Our Food Delivery App Development

App India is in the business of food delivery app development for more than 7 years. We have the capability required to help you develop an exclusive and user-friendly experience for visitors and boost revenue for the restaurant. Our food delivery apps effortlessly associate foodies to their nearby restaurants known for serving the best quality food. We have the required skills for designing and developing exceptional food delivery mobile app, food delivery software, and website with the customized features and integrations you need. We offer an ample suite of technically advanced and commercially feasible apps.

  • 1. Spending on getting a food delivery app is a one-time investment that will offer you a lifetime return on your invested money. You can monetize your app on successful platforms to earn higher profits on revenue in the future.
  • 2. You can contact App India if you are looking to get a reasonable and appropriate on-demand food delivery app. Our project managers ensure they deliver the developed project timely as promised.
Food delivery App Development
  • 3. You will own the complete source code of your app once the project is finished and payment is done completely. We adhere to sign NDA and follow the mentioned guidelines to the possession of source code.
  • 4. Our team of experts offers free technical support for 2-3 months, which includes bug fixes, glitch handling, and performing any required basic updates.
  • 5. Our Food delivery apps are 100% customizable and versatile enough to accommodate all adaptations and integrations.

Customer Mobile App features

  • 1. Mobile Coupons - Do you want more dedicated customers? Create and distribute soon-to-expire coupons to drive traffic and boost repeat visitors.
  • 2. Mobile Coupons - Do you want more dedicated customers? Create and distribute soon-to-expire coupons to drive traffic and boost repeat visitors.
  • 3. Photo Gallery - Show the ambiance, past functions or events, or your most loyal customers in your gallery.
  • 4. Social Media Integration - Do you want more dedicated customers? Create and distribute soon-to-expire coupons to drive traffic and boost repeat visitors.
  • 5. Menus - Showcase all your items mostly that count most, your delicious food, cocktails, and desserts.
  • 6. Location - YES Of COURSE! If you want to feature all the details like locations, email, phone number, and driving directions – our expert Restaurant App Developer got you covered there, too.
  • 7. Takeaway Option - We can offer an option to pick up the food order from any nearby restaurant whenever available.
  • 8. Offers and coupons - You can serve different exciting offers and coupons to your customers to get tasty food for a low price.
  • 9. Advertisements - The users will be able to view ads to know details of the food and food types that they would like to eat.

Driver App Features

  • 1. Social media or mobile register - Drivers can register into the app easily either with the mobile number of social media
  • 2. Profile - They can manage their profile details, and upload all the required documents on their profile to get verified by the app.
  • 3. Manage Orders - Drivers can accept or reject new orders they want to.
  • 4. Payment History - In payment history, drivers will be able to check their payment history and the payment they received for delivering the orders.
  • 5. Order History - Order history will show the number of orders successfully delivered and rejected by the driver.
  • 6. Delivery details - View delivery route and other related details directly from the app.

Vendor App Features

  • 1. Login/Registration - The restaurants or vendors who want to join our app can register/login to access and operate consumers through this app.
  • 2. Business Info - Vendors can update their business info on the app and have all the data on the screen to manage better and make informed decisions.
  • 3. Order Alerts - As soon as an order is placed, the particular restaurant is sent a real-time notification to proceed with the cooking procedures.
  • 4. Manage Order - The respective restaurants can view and administer all of the orders they received, processed, and sent, and update status as received, processing, programmed, or consigned.
  • 5. Payment Tracking - Restaurants & vendors can view all effective and awaiting payment information to direct accounts and clearances.
  • 6. Customer Details - Restaurants can see all the relevant information about a customer, therefore, they have the comprehensive information for profitable delivery.
  • 7. Promo Code - Restaurants can offer great deals, rewards, discounts, and promotions or even announce food events to serve more customers.
  • 8. Manage Menu - Partner restaurants can edit and add different items or make amendments to their offered pricing and amounts.
  • 9. Customer support - Vendors can offer support services to provide required information to the user when they can’t proceed on order placement. It can be with real-time chat or FAQ.

Admin Panel Features

  • 1. Manage Products - Admin has authority to categorize and manage updated listings of cuisines to run the platform to have complete control and operate smoothly.
  • 2. Managing Restaurant - Manage the different restaurant vendors by updating their service area and other related features for a picture-perfect process.
  • 3. Menu Management - Admin can gather the food menu listings from its partner restaurants and display them on the app to be suitable for ordering.
  • 4. Category Management - You, being the app admin, can categorize the restaurants based on their scullery, pricing, and delivery of orders and offers for business optimization.
  • 5. Notification Management - Admins can interact with their customers and vendors with messages, emails, alerts, and notifications.
  • 6. Payment & commissions - Admin is the one who has the authority to define the rate of food items and commission being delivered to delivery personals and restaurants.

Designing Your Food Delivery App

  • 1. The food delivery industry depends upon the latest trends. If you fail to update your app with these features, you’ll miss out on several customers. So, first, ask yourself what the
  • 2. Food delivery industry work on two models: order-only and order-and-delivery. In order-only, the food preparing partner is only responsible for cooking and managing orders. You’re not liable for their delivery. While order-and-delivery companies manage both orders and delivery. So, you may need a delivery partner to deliver your orders.
  • 3. If you want to develop an app that fulfils your target audience's needs, begin by discerning those needs. Record the audience demographics, prioritizing aspects like age, gender, nationality, and income.
  • 4. Every food delivery app is based on some basic features like registration and login. Search is another vital consideration. Other vital features include ordering, order tracking, reviews, and ratings.
  • 5. You’ll require diverse technologies for diverse features. To accept and process payments, meanwhile, common payment gateways will be required.


App India holds a specialization in food ordering mobile app development. Our mobile app developers synchronize and recommend you to include the best features, launch your food ordering app, and offer updates every time you need it. App India is a leading on-demand food delivery app development company and is the app development agency choice for many major businesses over the world.

Our well-experienced team of food app developers has the skills required to develop seamless food ordering apps allowing you to serve your customers at their availability and convenience. App India makes your restaurant available to customers on their mobile phones offering an increase in sales for your brick and mortar as well as online restaurants.

You can surpass your competitors in the competitive online food market with our on-demand food ordering app development on both Android and iOS platforms with a potent backend.

Our Food Delivery Application Development Suits Everyone

  • Restaurant Chains

    Are you up to serving customers at home? You can exploit our restaurant app development services to create appealing food ordering mobile apps that customers love.

  • Single Restaurants

    Launch your exclusive app today for providing unique branding to your restaurant. Deliver fresh cuisines with our exclusive food delivery app development services.

  • Food Start-ups

    We offer an extensive level of mobile app development services that serve start-ups that offers food delivery management.

  • Single Chefs

    Whether you are a chef satisfying orders from your home or delivering food to numerous vendors, we can be of your help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Food delivery app is a kind of app offering restaurant and delivery service partners a resource to use mobile tools to manage and food ordering, payment processing, vendor services, and order delivery.

The restaurant delivery app can help your business reach out to a broad range of customers and even offers you exciting features like cashless transactions, vendor management, and many more.

Yes, it is one of the best-matched online food delivery solutions for small and start-up restaurants as it will reduce their expenditure and other infrastructure expenses.

Food ordering apps are making money through the commissions they earn from restaurant partners on a per order basis. You can charge the restaurant vendors for running sponsored ads and paid listings to provide greater visibility in search results. With your app, ads campaign from reliable ad networks like Google AdWords can help you earn money.

Yes, at App India, our developers have high experience and sufficient expertise in mobile app designing and developing, especially when it is about food delivery application development like Zomato or GrubHub. Our business development analysts and project managers will help you to deeply understand the features and layout of the app. So contact us as soon as possible.

Yes, you can get multiple languages enabled in your food ordering app. You can share the preferred languages you want to add, and our development team will implement the same.

When we develop any food delivery app, we generally offer 3-4 modules in it including Admin Panel, Restaurant Panel, Delivery Agent Panel, and Customer App within our ready-to-launch development solution.

Leading payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal etc. will be offered to you in the app we’ll develop, however, if you wish to integrate any other payment gateway, our team will add it.

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