Taxi App Development

Taxi Booking App improves the process and increases the level of online sales in the modern internet marketing world. It is the fast and reliable source to spread business information hand to hand within a short span of time. Contact us to get your Taxi Booking App Online today.

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Taxi App Development

Taxi App Development


  • Driver registration / login
  • Online / Offline status
  • Pending requests : driver can see all requested rides by user in this
  • section. and also able to accept / cancel invitations
  • Accepted requests : driver can see accepted request in this section and track the journey.
  • Completed rides : driver can see all their completed rides unders this section and check further history.
  • Cancelled rides : driver can see cancel rides list under this section.
  • Profile section : Driver can acces their profile and can manage too.
  • Vehicle information : Driver can manage vehicle information and also submit their proofs and othre vehicle related documentation.
  • Transaction history : Driver can see their all transaction history related to their rides.
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  • User registration / login
  • Home : user can locate nearest taxi and send ride request.
  • Pending requests : user can see all requested rides by them in this section.
  • Accepted requests : user can see accepted request in this section and track the journey.
  • Completed rides : user can see all their completed rides unders this section and check further history.
  • Cancelled rides : user can see cancel rides list under this section.
  • Profile section : user can acces their profile and can manage too.
  • Live tracking of rides.
  • Manage drivers [Update/Delete]
  • Manage users [Update/Delete]
  • View rides
  • View drivers current location
  • Track & manage driver payment
  • Set Commissions

Taxi Booking App Screens

We design unique App Screen and & develop a professional app for your business. It will be fully featured with the latest technology.


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Taxi App Development Services for the Taxi Owners

Being a taxi owner, you should take the leverage of the internet, especially when a task is done in just a click. Having a taxi booking app development will be very beneficial for your business. This will help you to approach your customers effectively, increase profit and also take the bookings easily.

Here, you are no more required to call the customer for the booking confirmation; it’s just a game of a few clicks in your mobile. And most importantly, there is no any need to provide a taxi for the taxi services as factually these drivers are the private individual who renders the taxi service with their own cars under the name of your app in the exchange of money. Thus, without doing any extra investment in the taxi business, you can generate countless revenues through a hire taxi app developer in Delhi India.

Digitisation has played an essential role in transforming our hassle-full life into a productive plus convenient life. With a few simple clicks, we can conquer many stressful tasks in just a blink of an eye. That’s why taxi app development is a significant tool for generating high business revenues.

Taxi App Development Company

Boosting the security and connectivity together

Hire Professional Taxi App developer to design & develop your custom Taxi App at reasonable price.

In the time of smartphones and iPhones, users are more aware of the convenience, security and availability of the cab booking app. In fact, they prefer these apps more than local transportation. Due to this, there is no doubt that taxi booking app development is important and fruitful for the taxi business owners. This boosts the security of the passenger and even of the business too with the online and offline payment systems. With this, the chance of getting mugged diminishes and at the same time GPS tracking facilities gives detailed information about the locations and place of the drivers and cabs in the real time.

Apart from this, there are many other reasons to buy taxi app as it improves the visibility of the business, promotes the brand, potential reach across the city and country both, business growth in auto-pilot mode, getting customer’s feedback, improves the driver’s accountability, gives the proper and detailed on-site report etc.

Taxi App Development Company
Taxi application Development Services

Taxi app development companies in Delhi NCR India

With the increasing demand and efficiency of cab booking app development services, there are many companies in the market which are providing taxi app development services. AppIndia is also one among them and providing the cost-effective taxi app development services to the taxi business owners. So, if you are also taxi business owner and looking for the taxi app development companies, then without doing any delay give your project in the hands of AppIndia. From here, you are assured to get potential and cost-effective taxi app for your business.