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Gone are the days when you have to spend several hours on a jewellery store to pick up a design of your choice from the limited available stock. Like any other product getting sold and purchased by the online store, online Jewellery industry is also getting expanded at an exponential rate. Jewellery is something that brings in customers of any age, gender, country, status or culture. From the everyday wearable jewellery to expensive wedding jewellery or any other costly jewellery you can find buyers that are looking up to trendy and latest designs. Today with the help of established online jewellery stores, more and more customers are buying products just with a tap of the finger. From the year 2011, App India has designed and developed several beautiful jewellery websites on leading technologies like Magento, Shopify, Woo-commerce, and Prestashop.

Our developers spend hours to pick up a design that can fulfil all of your store’s needs and then proceed to the thoughtful jewellery website development process that will help you to stand apart from your competitors bring in new customers and give a boost to your sales. App India considers every business as a story that needs some sparkle to gleam. Our website development process is so focused that it will not just sell you products but it will help you develop a long term relationship with your customers.

There is a myth or misconception prevailing among the people that it is quite a tough task to manage a jewellery store online. However, this is the era where everything is possible to handle just with a mobile device whether it’s a start-up, stationery shop, restaurant, ecommerce store or a jewellery store. Just as the people use karat to measure the gold quality, a mobile app is a measure to analyse the success of a business.

Here’s how

online jewellery store will take you on top

It will help you business to have an immense and global customer reach. Thus it will cause an increase in sales.Building a brand with jewellery app development is powerful and cost effective and therefore more customers will access it.It will showcase your products in a beautiful manner. You can present latest collection, designs, categories and antique collection.Your sales are undoubtedly going to increase with a jewellery website development or accessories app development.Any app once downloaded will remain there in the phone of the user. It will help to fill up the gap between you and your customers.

When you don’t have any dedicated mobile app for your jewellery business, you are prone to the risk of losing a major chunk of customers. A simple and beautifully designed app can help you grow your customer base just with few clicks of mobile phone. The mobile app and website doesn’t only make your presence online but it will also make you reach wider audiences.

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App India as your development partner

  • A team of certified web and app developers.
  • More than 9 years of ecommerce development experience
  • More than 150 ecommerce apps and websites have been developed till date
  • Unmatched quality with best performance
  • User friendly interface
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Alluring experience with smooth navigation
  • Flexible price range
  • On-time delivery of each and every project
  • Latest techniques and technology is used in the development
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How much does it cost to get a Jewellery app or website?

It is quite difficult to state you the exact price for developing as the whole of the development cost depends upon the features you are looking to amend in your website or mobile app. The estimation of cost also depends upon the platform used, technology used, etc. The actual cost of developing your Jewellery app or website can only be calculated once complete feature list and requirements are known. Whatever may be the cost, but you can be assured of one thing that you will get cost effective solution from us.

A successful and strong presence is possible only with a website or mobile app built carefully using the latest tools and technologies with right amount of features that is only possible to achieve with the help of skilled professionals. At App India, we have the right set of experts that have the skills to carve user friendly or revenue-driven online solutions. In order to assist you and provide you an impeccable solution, we make sure that we use the appropriate tools and technologies in our mobile app and website development.

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Make a difference to your jewelry business

Jewelry selling business is never been an easy business for the jewellers. Managing an eCommerce store is not an easy venture for many jewelry store owners if they do not hold any right knowledge. In this era of fierce competition, jewelry store owners need to determine their customer demand and serve their needs with the technology-oriented suitable services. Selling jewelry you’re your online retail store involves a lot of intricacies. Here at App India Company, our team of app developers and designers have experience in addressing the exclusive challenges faced by the online jewelry retailers with outstanding solutions for selling Jewelry collection.

Jewelry selling business goes through multiple steps in a supply chain before reaching the customers. In order to minimize the stress of selling the jewelleries to the customer, your store needs a mobile application dedicated to your business that will help you manage your operations, products display, staff management, delivery, and many more. With our integrated ERP solutions, and jewelry mobile apps, you can easily customize your workflows and reduce the chances of manual errors that can cost you higher loss in revenues. Our team will help you get a jewelry app that will promote your business and will ease your process. Your customers will no longer need to visit your brick-and-mortar jewelry shop and they can browse your designs and collections while sitting at their home and order from there.

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The app will allow you to manage the payments and deliveries of the orders seamlessly. Our SEO experts will use the best parameters and analytics to help you drive traffic to your custom jewelry ecommerce stores. We will also help you attract better sales through the latest technologies integrated with your iOS or Android apps. Our mobile app solutions are intuitive and quick to engage with the clients.

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Why Is It the Right Step to Create Jewellery Shopping App?


We live in an era where there is cut-throat competition out there and there is a myriad of jewellery businesses selling best quality products to prove their stand in the market. Thus, attracting your target audience in the best suitable way is much more important. And, the world is now crazily shopping online. So, why not invest into the passion of online shopping to give your audience a chance to buy what they truly want. People love the idea of comfort introduced by online shopping and most importantly they get access to the entire collection at one platform. Thus, it makes the shopping process a lot easier for the targeted customers. To bring your own online jewelry ordering mobile application you will simply have to create a system allowing you to connect with your potential end-users.


How a Mobile App Can Help Your Jewellery Business?

When you decide to invest in jewellery shopping app development, you are supporting your business to earn high profits. You will be able to reach your target customers easily and quickly, while you can showcase your designs, and allow them purchase while being in the comfort of their home. Well, a jewelry shopping app can be helpful in more ways than you can ever think, let us see some of those.

Reach more customers

It is quite predictable that almost all of your target customers in present day are available over smartphones, and with a dedicated mobile application development you can expand your sales by reaching everyone who owns a smartphone.

Collection Showcase

Mobile apps make it easy for jewlry business owner to showcase their beautiful collections to the customers 24x7, and can constantly update the collection. This way your app users will know whenever your collection is updated, and there will be more chances of visiting the app many times. The whole collection will be accessible with just a few clicks. At the same time, the business can even showcase the jewellery collection in a customized way to provide them exactly what they desire.

Cost-effective Branding

Usually, a business requires investing a huge sum of money on traditional promotional strategies, however, the case has got a different perspective from mobile app development since it promotes economical branding activities. The jewlry mobile app will be sufficiently useful to share branding deals and updates with the customers within no time and without investing much effort.

Increase the Sales

Jewlry mobile app development is very much a store similar to your brick and mortar store and the best thing is that it will be attainable to your consumers for 24x7. With the business-oriented jewelry app development built with a pleasing interface that will keep the audience engaged and provides them latest trends and exciting offers, thus prompting them to buy. When a customer is happy with your mobile app, there will be higher chances of returning to your app time and again.

Know your client

When users install your jewlry app, you will get to know a lot of information about them including phone number, profile, location, etc. This allows collecting helpful data required for analyzing and creating marketing strategies and tactics to offer best to your customers.


Features of Jewellery App


Order history

Users can check out the history of products they ordered, received, and all the transactions made by them.


Add to wish list/add to cart

The jewelries selected or liked by the users can be sent to the wish list for future purchase in their profile. If they want to buy now, they can add it to the cart and proceed with the payment process.


New collection

It enables the users to select any from the latest added collection of different jewelry.


Store locator

If you own multiple stores in a city, state, or country, this feature will allow users to locate the store where they can find desired ornament.


Order management

Users can cancel, make, reorder, or even schedule their orders according to their availability.


Ratings and Reviews

The customers will be able to share their feedback here with ratings and reviews which will help you to improve the business.


Jewellery catalog

The admin can create the product catalog for different sort of jewelry along with all the listed products and manage them seamlessly by mentioning price to all the jewelry pieces.


Track orders

Both admin and users are able to track the orders instantly with the application in real time. Therefore, users will have updates of their order till arrival.


Manage Alerts and Notifications

The mobile apps can use this advantage to promote their brand within the apps with ads. They can send the notification for latest product addition instantly through the app


Invoice or receipt

The admin from this panel can easily generate invoice or receipt for every order, and email it to the customer or share through app.


Shipping options

The admin can manage global shipping service to get more of the international sales which will increase revenue.


History and Reports

The admin can get all the details about history such as orders placed/canceled/ rescheduled, and many more on the admin dashboard.

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