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Healthcare App Development

Offering medical solutions to patients and medical institutions with the health mobile apps is slowly becoming a popular trend. The healthcare service providers and medical institutions are spending in healthcare app development to advance the service quality and encourage self-management manners in patients.Healthcare applications offer the required utility and patients are more than ready to use such mobile apps. Today, a large number of people are using Healthcare apps to book an appointment, evaluate prescriptions, and engage with doctors over a video call for attaining online diagnosis. Although healthcare apps are meant to progress the overall strength of their patients, the majority of which let down to complement the patient’s prospects.

Healthcare apps are like any other mobile applications that support to achieve health-relevant errands. The tasks vary from online Health solutions like fitness and meditation apps to advanced products that depend immensely on technological development like apps that help medical professionals in recognizing and unravelling compound medical concerns. App India discovers that people around the world favour healthcare and fitness solutions that are mobile and accessible. We help design and build Health-related apps that proffer great features, while supporting doctors and patients supervise health concerns and amplify by taking anticipatory measures. We realize that healthcare institutions have to face certain supervisory needs for defending health data and demand custom-built healthcare app development despite an off-the-peg solution. That’s why our Healthcare app developers develop the apps offering utmost security.

Benefits of Health apps for medical institutions:

  • W1. Patients look for an app that allows them save booking time, modifying, or invalidating the appointment from doctors. If your mobile app needs patients to invest unnecessary time to identify how it works, they will no longer use your app.
  • Patients want to study about their health status, the factors, and then take the required action depending upon the available prospects. Your healthcare app should be designed in way that it seamlessly helps patients get the desired information about any specific situation. Make sure you utilize engaging tools and terms to keep the patients engaged with your mobile application.
  • Offering a medium where app users can relate and communicate with doctors that would help patients and doctors the same way. Medical services help patients save time as well as the efforts to waste on visiting hospital unnecessarily and enable doctors to operate their patients on a personal level.
  • Patients want to connect with the doctors, their fellow patients and communicate with one another. Therefore it is vital to include a community feature in your healthcare app. When an individual is detected with some ailment or disease, the person would most probably want to relate with people analysed with analogous situation. It helps patients feel contented and part of a compassionate community. It can work as a great tool to help the patients remain engaged with the healthcare app
  • The wearable can accumulate crucial data including heart rate, blood sugar level, tremors, posture control, sleep patterns, and physical conducts. This obtained data can be a great help to patients learn more about the fitness habit and offer more control over their health.
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We have powered many iOS and android Astrology applications for our esteemed clients. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Benefits of Health apps for medical institutions:

  • 1. Enhanced customer reliability by providing functional experience. People are likely to select healthcare services that can offer them complete and appropriate ingress to the medical data and the capability to get all the information they require online, make an appointment, or experience results for tests without going out of their homes.
  • Increased encounter by developing a closer bond with your clients. Develop a mobile app for a medical institution that offers standard notifications for news, improvements, special offers, and scheduled reminders. This will help you convert their clients to recurrent ones who use your services for several years.
  • Medical apps are an easiest way to collect client information. Everything is completed automatically.
  • You can bring new clients to your business with the app. A handy and useful mobile app can make your clients’ lives simpler that can turn out to be your cut-throat benefit.
  • Medical apps save staff time. If you can handle a clinic, you can utilize an app that you can integrate with its viscerous database. Then each doctor can evaluate the medical record of patient and his history, test results, and make a new way in. The time spent on paperwork will now be employed efficiently and enhance the service quality.
  • Creating a mobile app product for healthcare business will progress and save many people’s lives

Features of Healthcare Apps


Easy register and login

Registration and login are the initial stages of communication with patients and doctors. Ensure that the process is trouble-free when users sign up to the app. They should be offered some easy registration process by entering the personal information like name, email ID, contact details, and others. The less the number of steps the more the app is appreciated. The same is for login.


Profile Creation and management

Profile creation process needs to be easy and useful. Your app should allow users to upload photos and other information they like to share. Allow your app users to change and adjust their profiles when they want.


Search and consult doctors

Patients should be given an option to share information about their condition, favoured location, and or doctor/hospital name to explore. They should obtain suitable results supporting it.


Select Doctors

Patients should have choice to select the doctors in accordance to their search results on the filters. Once they shortlist, allow them to check the doctor’s profile and his specialty, visiting hours, consultation fees, and the practitioner/doctor clinic location.


Appointment Management

The doctors should be authorized to accept or reject session requests if they do not wish to observe the patient or the timings are unavailable. Only if the doctor assures or agrees to the request, the client should receive notification or confirmation mail with ID.


Pill reminder

Regular prescription medicines or pill reminders can also be included if needed. You can set reminders with the app to remind you to take pills on time without missing any dose of the day.


Remote medical care

The patients can contact doctors with the in-app messaging or calling features or getting the contact details in the app can help users contact with the desired physicians from several miles away. Remote medical support can back the doctors check indicators and recognize the disease right away.


Multi-language support

Users must be able to use the app in their preferred or native language. This feature can help provide a basic realization of patients about the services.

What makes App India different from others?

We help develop Health related apps allowing smooth or quick interaction between doctors and patients. Both healthcare service providers and patients can take informed decisions depending upon real-time information firmly stored. With the execution of AI technology in healthcare app development, we allow providers to better direct patients through in-depth perception into health issues based on comprehensive data. Health institutions can use seamless mHealth apps to convey efficient quality of patient care by reminding patients to take their medications, monitor any side effects of treatment, and even diffuse this data to their owners. Hospitals can also consolidate financial transactions at each phase, assuring fault-free bills handing out and on time check-outs. App India helps establish mobile healthcare apps that can convert healthcare from its basis, guaranteeing patient wellbeing, data security, and client satisfaction.

  • We ensure to keep enough confidentiality and security of patient’s information through the app we develop. Our medical app is highly encrypted to keep the patient’s information safe and secured.
  • You can be in touch with our proficient team right when you need because we want to support you with our expertise. We are for you always to help your business flourish.
  • Our team works with the latest technologies and cutting-edge strategies to help our clients get what they expect and deserves.

Medical App Development

App India is a leading name in helping businesses with iOS app development, Android app development, and helps develop app on other platforms that can be used for different kinds of mobile devices. Mobile apps in the field of healthcare industry are rapidly growing and there is prosperous requirement of such apps for more apps in the domain.

Our team of mobile app development experts have enough experience and expertise in app development and can utilize their knowledge to help you obtain best practices to upgrade your business. We ensure that the app provided by us will be competent enough to offer cost-effective solution and will be a time-savior too.