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In this modern era, people are searching everything online even if it is for astrology services and astrologers. If you want to expand the business of your astrology services all over the world, then it’s high time you need to consider taking your services at your fingertips with an astrology mobile app. If you are looking up to increase the reach of your business, you need to have an efficient and user-friendly mobile app. Our skilled developers and designers prepare a blend of inspiration and creativity along with innovation to give phenomenal results. Whether you are a famous astrologer, an experienced numerologist, a tarot card reader, or a horoscope expert, an astrology app always offers you a competitive advantage. You can easily employ your existing clients and establish client loyalty to your consulting services. Having an astrology app means you can reach the target audience. The online presence of your astrology or numerology services establishes operative awareness among prospective clients.

App India is a reputed app development company that is specialized in providing a wide range of services to astrologers and other business owners. Our astrology app development services involve integrating apps with high functionality and building apps for the betterment of our clients. The main focus of our team and organization is our customers work with whom we want to grow and make the presence of the brand effective. Whether you are a tarot card reader, numerologist, or astrologer, an astrology app will always prove to be beneficial in making your work simpler by providing you with a competitive edge. Owning a mobile for astrology means that you have a comparatively easy and wide reach to your prospects.

Main features of Astrology App

Daily Horoscopes

you can interact with your clients with the app on regular basis by serving them with their daily horoscopes.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card reading is another sort of future prediction of what’s going to be in life further. By offering Tarot card reading, you can interact with your clients over the app.


you can share the predictions and software based analysis of your clients.


your client can know about his basic panchanga details.

Know your Zodiac

you can find out your zodiac sign by entering some of the asked details.

Western Astrology

You can see your reports prepared based on the Western Astrology tactics developed by the app.

App India DotCom Pvt. Ltd.

Our Portfolio

We have powered many iOS and android Astrology applications for our esteemed clients. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Astrology Website Design & Development Company?

Our team can help you with astrology web design, banner design, brochure design, visiting card design, and any other marketing strategy along with your website and astrology app. Our app development services also to providing you the best social media marketing, search engine optimization and online advertisements. There are unlimited processes for targeted marketing, to reach clients who look similar to your client profile. You can get in touch with App India today, to look for what we have to offer!

Are you a recognized astrologer who is looking for right app company to give your astrology business an online platform? Do you want people to find your services not only in newspapers and magazines but also on the internet? App India is an astrology mobile app and website company in Delhi, with the capability for amazing and digitally sophisticated websites that speak for their quality. We have built our solid alcove as one of the most required digital agencies for astrology web design and development services There are several features of the app to fulfil which you really need a developer like implementing AI for calculating and making predictions, and many more. Thus it’s important to have a development company by your side.

Why do you need Astrology Mobile App Development Company?

An astrology or horoscope app development company will take care of the design, look and feel of your app that will be provided to your customers. Before anything else a client looks onto the design of the app. You might need developers for the app anytime to make updates or add something new later to getting well-designed software.

There are several features of the app to fulfil which you really need a developer like implementing AI for calculating and making predictions, and many more. Thus it’s important to have a development company by your side.

Best Horoscope Mobile App Development Company

Horoscope or astrology is what many people like to know about daily and plan their day, week, month, or year consequently. Many people visit a horoscope website to see the realistic future predictions, astrology details, and the global horoscope. Now, with the arrival of highly developed technologies, all palm readers, tarot card experts, astrology gurus, numerology specialists, and fortune tellers can serve information to clients using the horoscope mobile application. As you know, astrology is an extensive market and many people are offering consistent services to forecast the future of customers. You can serve easy access to information by developing horoscope app with the help of a trustworthy mobile app development company. Your horoscope mobile app is just one tap away from development. You can depend upon our certified and result-driven app services of creating feature-enriched and high-tech astrology mobile applications for all clairvoyant and horoscopes experts. Our team of mobile app developers has widespread years in building fast, scalable, engaging, and updated apps for catering all the astrology-relevant services and information. We bring your forethought into cost-effective assurance by making an interactive, interesting, value-oriented astrology mobile app working fruitfully on multiple mobile devices.

Why reach App India?

App India has always maintained itself to be the pioneer of the mobile app development and when it comes to astrology app development, we are identified as a top astrology app development company.

We are using the top cutting edge technologies to build your mobile apps so that your app lacks nothing. Our quality assurance team performs several levels of testing before delivering the final product to you.

We are working as a reputed and renowned app development company from several years are known as an esteemed organisation over the world. We have a bunch of experts that are masters in their skills and will never let you down. Our team will keep on revising the features until you are satisfied. Our main priority is the satisfaction of each of our clients and we work with all our efforts to fulfil your expectations.

Don’t make any more delays as there are a lot of business in the competition who are putting all of their efforts to be on the top of the market. You can be the best astrologer but if your customers are not able to reach you nothing can work in your favour. When you are a best prediction maker and good astrologer, you deserve to be on top of the list. This can only be done when you have an astrology mobile app to reach your clients at maximum.

Hence reach out App India today to make the difference.


Award-winning development team

We have an experienced team of developers with profound knowledge and have won so many awards and achievements for their expertise. They know what characteristics and functionalities are perfect for your astrology mobile application.


Industrial Experience

App India has been in the business of software, mobile app, and website development for many years. We have a good hands-on experience with all major advanced development technologies; we’re prepared to deliver the best.


Domain Expertise

Our clients are spread over different countries and industries. From retail to automotive to entertainment and many other small to large industries, we are working with leading names across industries. Our domain of expertise is quite vast and diverse.


Creative Designers

Our web, mobile and app developers are known for their immensely unique and creative approach to design your site and app. From appealing UI to faultless navigation, they’re adept at everything.


Quality Assurance

We strictly stay to all software and mobile development best practices and quality benchmark. A team of scrupulous quality experts thoroughly tests every solution before delivering it to the client

Industries We Serve

Social Networking
Finance & Banking
Fitness & Sports
Transport & Logistics
Lifestyle & Fashion


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