Apparel App Development

App India provides you a platform who gives you facility to sell anything, anywhere, and anytime.

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Apparel App Development

Apparel App Development

Are you a merchant with a fashion and apparel store? Have you made yourself available online? If not, it’s high time you need to realize the importance of being online as an apparel website. To be online in this competitive world is of utmost importance. You cannot ignore it and if you’re then you are missing out on something big. App India is providing you apparel website development that will help you get more leads, and more leads mean you will have more customers. A clothing website developed by our team will be a feature-rich website. It will be a website that is

SEO Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Multiple Payment Options

Takes Less Time to Load

We will give you a well-designed ecommerce website that is ready to start your online store today. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with ease at work while they are busy with other important tasks. A strongly built fashion website is the foundation of any clothing business and that’s why we develop your ecommerce website with the latest cutting edge technology.

Clothing app development

Clothing app development by App India provides you a facility to sell anything, anywhere, and anytime. We provide your app with tools that will make the shopping experience of your customers to be the best each time they come to you. App India is a one-stop solution for all your fashion apparel website or mobile app needs. Our priority is to bring unique design in every mobile app that we develop. For us, our growth is only possible when our customer’s business grows. When any ecommerce business is provided access to mobile through ecommerce app development, the reach of the customers to the business is also enhanced.

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Apparel App Development

App India is a professional apparel app development brand on which you can trust. From past 4-5 years our company has delivered multiple of successfully built ecommerce websites and mobile apps for big fashion brands, boutiques and apparel store. Our team is able to convert your most simple as well as complex idea to life in the form of a smooth functioning app. Our apparel app development services include development of apps for both Android and iOS platforms. The possibilities in the world of fashion are endless. You dream it, and we’ll turn it to reality. When we say custom we mean it and we’ll actually give you the customised product based upon your needs. To get elegant, seamless and award winning Android and iOS app development and web development consider App India and you’ll surely experience the difference.

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Features of Apparel App

User registration

By registering with the details or email or social media, users can begin using the fashion mobile app.

Search product

Choose from a wide collection of products like dresses and accessories available along with a detailed description.

Multi-payment options

Customers can easily pay according to their choice, by using any of the available different payment options.


By using order history, re-ordering becomes so easy and fast for your customers.

Order tracking

With the help of this feature, customers can track their order, delivery timings and receive notification that informs them about the order status.

Offers and discounts

Customers get access to many benefits, offers, coupons, and discounts, whenever they buy from the app or as offered to use on their next purchase.

Manage store

Do you have so many stores? Don’t worry; you can effectively handle all stores from a single mobile app.

Hire manager

Efficiently optimize manager allocation to have manageable, modernized store operations.

Manage listings

Add, delete, check and edit product listings easily, modify pricing and do much more.


With the Dashboard, you can watch, control, and manage everything from the individual, complete admin dashboard.

Manage customer

you can manage all of the registered customers on the app to know more about their purchases, choices, and sales more. Add, Delete, or Alter any Customer.

Logistic integration

Use third-party logistics expertise for doorstep delivery and gain customer trust

Dispatch order

Acquire store managers to dispatch orders from their store to enhance effortless delivery

Help and support

Combine customer support to sort out any doubts immediately and keep customers satisfied.

Live tracking path

Use GPS tracking and google maps integration, to see a real-time position where the vehicle is the entire time..

Push Notifications

Get complete updates on all new orders in real-time and stay on top of everything

Dedicated interface

Your store managers can make an interface for more excellent order management and direction.

Delivery status

Drivers remain updated with the latest delivery status as waiting on the door delivered and so on for every delivery.


Fashion Apps that are made by our expert app development teams are compelling, particularly well-designed, and robust enough to take your business to another level. Our state-of-the-art technology and expert team of fashion app developers create a perfect Fashion App for a great user experience for your customers and build a channel for brand structure. App India provides Fashion app development services for Fashion business owners who need to showcase their works, Fashion retailers, wholesalers, and Marketplace business design. App India creates customized mobile applications according to each business requirement to give it a different look and feel. We are the fashion app development company you can believe. We have built numerous mobile apps and look ahead to serve you to set your online fashion business on fire.

Advantages of Fashion Mobile App Stores to Customers

All brands must have their presence online as a mobile app because it's more easier and comfortable than going to the stores. People depend on online shopping apps that have grown as the new shopping stores for people. So here are some advantages of fashion mobile app stores to consumers:

  • Support to Shoppers Users can shop simply by staying in their homes without compromising their comfort. They just have to download an app, make their account, and start using it directly from the first day itself. The UI of the app is designed in a way it supports users and knows the necessary function of the app. While stores can draw only a limited number of customers at a time, shopping apps have a huge user base and you can contact the people who are not even in the vicinity of the store or don’t have the access to any of the stores established in big towns.
  • Offers & DiscountsUsers are hinted well in advance regarding any offers or discounts that they can use in the coming time. This helps to save their time, energy, and cost that they might have contributed on driving to the store, looking for a product, and buying it at the same price.
  • Regular RemindersUsers keep receiving updates on the newest collection renewed on the app. This assists them to understand what is in the course and if it has developed during the season. Even, the users are given a notification if a new collection is attached to the stocks. Users get pop-up notifications on their screens with any relevant information related to the product.
  • Fashion ExpertCustomers have less time to find and try in the stores while shopping in person from malls or big stores. In online shopping, they have continuous support both within the in-app chat feature or in-app call feature. These shopping apps build the buying experience valuable..
  • Helpful FiltersCustomers don’t have to browse a lot for all categories but skip directly to the category they want to view by the filters given on the app. This helps them to preserve a lot of shopping time.

Why Choose Us?

App India is a trusted brand by many of the big organizations and businesses spread over the world. We have served more than 200 clients with our services and when it comes to providing the best our team puts all of their efforts into it. We have a big team of website and app developers that are master of their work and whatever they do; they do it with full dedication. App India is a platform where technology meets skills and creativity

100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed

24*7 Customer Service

Multiple payment options are supported.

Fast Development Process.

Bunch of talented professionals.

Sleek and quality design is created.

Smooth navigation is offered.

Affordable solutions are available.

App India is serving a large segment of clients that are doing business not only at Indian level but also at international level. We have worked hard and maintained to earn a big name in the market as a top mobile app development company. So let’s take your business online with the help of a grocery app development.

Why Fashion Brands choose Their Fashion e-commerce Mobile App?

Multi-vendor apps might look profitable from the outside, you may be just get spent in other brands as people might find something that better fills their requirements more than your product makes. It is always better to have a separate app built for your brand or retail store. We have some reasons that might fascinate you to get a separate app just for your brand:

No Competition

Because only your brand products are going to be advertised on the app, the users are expected to be less distracted and shop just what they notice. This helps you to improve sales and get your loyal customers. Also, this doesn’t give them a chance to see related products on the platform.

Data Analytics

Fashion brand app for an appropriate brand helps to get information regarding each user on registering and seeing for apparel and accessories on your app. These brands are inclined to know the likes and choices of their users with the help of data analytics and later suggest products that are meaningful to them, instead of overwhelming their phones with promotional messages of undesired products

Target Customers

The App owners or the retail outlet owners make demographics that declare the age and preferences of people shopping mostly from their app and their gender. Relying on these conclusions, they can target their audience and customers to get the highest profits. And sell your product to everyone just to make you one out of the set. While establishing demographics might help you to reach out to the masses, only those people who are searching for the products and have got to extend through your mobile application.

Revenue Growth

Earning confidence in your customers is the ultimate success of any e-commerce application. All fashion brands need their customers to be true and keep turning to them for buying every time they need fashion apparel and accessories. Hence maintaining the confidence of your consumers and providing them a spirit of belonging, you might as well understand growth in loyal customers and a revenue head. However, Customers can get a personal touch while shopping online as they are served 24*7 which gives them more satisfaction with the brand.

Special Offers and Discounts

A shopping experience is more enticing when the brands offer special discounts and promotions to their retained customers. This grows their customer base and gets for them word of mouth. You can consider special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays to serve an offer or discounts to customers.

Audience Feedback

The brands have their presence in the app and are always open to ideas and feedback, as it helps them to assist their customers adequately. A backup team is always there to help the customers and support them while purchasing a simple job.


As brands know about the choices and tastes of each of their customers, they can simply send them the support of the products that match their search patterns. In this way, they will not be bombed with ineffective samples of products that are of no benefit or use to them.

Process of a Fashion Mobile App Store Growth

The growth of each apparel app store might vary from one other. Some might be acquired efficiently based on easy steps, or some might take months of development. Well, it completely depends upon the characteristics and content of the app. Here are some simple steps while creating a shopping app store:


Market analysis

Before starting the development process, you must do a market analysis and understand what your customers are seeming for in an app of your brand. And accordingly, you know the type of products they want to buy online and if they are honest to look up to you and buy products only from your brand


Features Selection

It is important to select the feature that users are seeing in your app. Do not add features that are of no use or do not work in your support at times. Hence, only the most primary features should be added to make the app look clear and honest.


Executing the Design

We create a design for the app that will become a long-lasting choice for the users. A full and half-baked app with incorrect background might not even allow viewing the light of the day. Accordingly, we select and develop a design that can be a responsibility, and reach the most essential steps in app development.


Select a Platform

You must be clear regarding the platform that you want to begin in your app. It is for a particular platform like Android or iOS, or you require to work over it? The development process of both Android and iOS apps will vary respectively


App Launch & Management

Launching your apparel mobile app in the Play Store or the App Store is not the result of the process. Managing the app and creating precise analytics and keeping up-to-date are equally vital.


Yes, we provide our clients App support and maintenance after the app is developed by email, online chat or on call. We provide a free maintenance for the app we develop for the duration of 3-4 months. Later to that, a price is charged that is competent to 15% of the development cost.
Yes, we do have references for the different mobile applications we have developed. You can visit the portfolio page to see our mobile app development samples.
After the app is developed, it is our policy that is also mentioned in the NDA when it is signed, that we never keep the source code and app to ourselves. And it will be you, who is going to be the owner of the app developed after clearing all the terms.
No, it is not mandatory to patent your app idea. However if you do so, you can protect it from others to copy and make a similar one. This way, your new idea will always be yours only and there will not be many competitors.
If you want to know what can be nest suitable to convert your app, you will be required to share your idea. We will help you analyze it and decide which technology will be best suitable for it. We will even share some suggestions to make your app more advanced and handy.