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Medicine ordering app development

Medicines are one of the fundamental things that one and all needs at some points of life. However, at times people have to tackle the fuss of waiting in queues or not getting the desired drug at the store. On-demand medicine ordering apps are just right solution to such concern.

The pharmaceutics industry is utilising new strategies to reach out to the customers and a feature-rich medicine delivery mobile app development is what it includes. While the people are scared due to things like Covid-19 pandemic to step out of their houses, they could use the benefits of contactless ordering for medicine and get it delivered on time to their home. This trend became quite popular and people started showing more inclination towards the utility of online pharmacies. Patients who are afraid to get them admitted to hospitals have also begun sharing their prescriptions on these medicine delivery apps and to get their medicines delivered straight to their home.

On-demand medicine delivery apps have turn out to be various things for present businesses and their buyers. Now, people now have started to own online medicine delivery app to allow their customers order medicines and get the delivery right at their doorstep. The customers are taking benefit of the mobile app without jeopardizing any challenge to get the medicine directly. Pharmacy app development is an industry getting popularity among all. The responsive and spectacular features are recovering the customer allowing him remain associated with the best-in-class healthcare services

Our team of experienced app developers at App India help develop an app according to the requirements of our customers, and with a wide reach to the market. We have a dexterous and enthusiastic team of developers that are well-versed to work on innovative technologies.

Pharmacy App Development Company in Indiat

App India is one of the best Medicine Delivery App Development Company, which is supporting Pharmacy Businesses to reach the health care requirements and needs of millions of people by implementing reliable and high-quality medicines and health care outcomes without any hassles but most benefits.

Make your patient's lives easier by bringing your online medicine delivery app with the leading Pharmacy App Development Company. Our team has delivered various On-Demand Medicine Delivery App to the customers as per their requirements and market demands.

We are a well-known mobile app development company that supports to utilize your medical service into a secure, faster, and highest process. Our aim to uplift the health industry and to take your entity one move forward. We have a combination of experience and expert medical delivery app developers, who can design the app in such a method that, it satisfies all the requirements of the customers. To opt for the medicine-ordering app Development Company in India is the ideal opportunity as it saves time and costs both.

Benefits of Pharmacy App Development

Greater privacy

Rather than an over-the-counter chat in a busy pharmacy, customers can have a private video consultation or order the medicines they need from home.

Push notifications

In-app notifications or SMS messages are helpful for repeat prescriptions. You can add a handy feature that reminds customers to take their medication at set times.

It’s so easy

Customers can order medicines online from their sofa. Home delivery is particularly useful when illness (or risk of infection) prevents them from coming in-store.

Discounts and offers

Customers already compare prices of healthcare products online. By offering discounts on your app based on their behaviour, you can build a loyal customer base.

Greater privacy

Rather than relying on footfall, your products have huge reach with an app. The pharmacy industry is a global market and an app opens this up for you.

Customer Loyalty

Given the fact that your app offers reminders, discounts, and promotional offers online in an unobtrusive manner, it makes the interaction easier and builds customers’ loyalty..

Convenience and Privacy

Time and cost savings are important for consumers. Aside from that, some customers find it uncomfortable buying their medicines in front of other people. With pharmacy apps, consumers feel more confident and appreciative that their privacy is respected.

Driving New Customers

Having a pharmacy app, you can work with some of the best app marketing services to help drive more customers in your business. The online presence also maximizes your customer base that translates into more profitable business.

Better Chronic Illness Management – Patients with chronic illnesses can track their medicines and order up until 90 days worth of supply online instead of the usual 30 days’ supply in the physical store.

Reasons for Medicine Delivery apps in trend

Well, simply put, the future of the pharmaceutical industry lies in the digital frontier. With all the convincing and ease that on-demand application solutions provide, customers today are increasingly moving toward the digital mode of transaction. For you to be successful and continually grow your customer base and your business, this is an optimum time to invest in an on-demand delivery app.


Customers at traditional pharmacies often feel uncomfortable buying prescription and over-the-counter medications in front of others. They prefer the privacy of buying online.

Push notifications.

An online medicine delivery app offers scheduled notifications, saving users from running out of medicine and forgetting to refill their prescriptions.

No travel costs.

Since medications are delivered to the doorstep, customers save money on going to brick-and-mortar pharmacies. This is especially convenient for buyers in remote areas.

Information about medications.

Customers can browse for detailed information on medications and study all the instructions.

More competitive prices

When buying online, customers can quickly find a more competitively priced generic for their expensive prescription medications.

Some Advanced Features



The multilingual feature allows the user to operate the app in their desired languages. This helps a lot in providing a basic understanding to the users about the services you are providing.


User-Friendly Interface

The medicine selling app must allow users to search for medicines in a very convenient way.


In-app chat

A user should be able to chat with the pharmacist for getting an answer on his query or for placing order. Similarly, the delivery boy should also be able to chat with the customer when he is out delivering the medicines so that he can ask about the address details


Multi-currency payment support

The app should provide the users with benefits of making purchases in any currency, as there might be visitors from other nations who would want to purchase medicine during their stay in another country.


Loyalty Program

Customers should always feel special and privileged of using any app or services. Therefore, the apps should offer them loyalty programs that allow them to earn redeemable points on each purchase made by them, or anything similar.


ChatBot support

This is an AI-driven automated customer support system, which allows the users to get in touch with the app in case of any query.


Social Signup and Login

The users should be able to sign in easily and made the credentials according to his choice. The app should allow users to sign up with the help of their social media accounts like Gmail or Facebook. The login should be later don either through their mail ID’s or their mobile numbers.

Profile Management

A user should be able to make his profile on the app for a better and seamless experience. These profiles have all the information of the users regarding their address, previous orders, prescription history, payment details, among others

Upload Prescriptions

It should enable the users to upload their prescriptions so that the pharmacists can look at the medicines and send the medicines accordingly. Therefore, they should be able to link their phone’s gallery to their account for uploading the prescription easily.

Filters for Category Search

The app should have filters and categories, for the users to easily look up medicines for any disease.

Medicine Details

Each medicine or drug listed on a medicine delivery mobile application should have all details pertaining to its medicines, like manufacturing date, expiry date, brand, manufacturer, price, salts, etc.

Expansive Search

The users should be able to look up for the substitute of medicine as the one he is looking for might not always be available.

Manage Drug Details

A pharmacist or a store owner should independently be able to make changes in case he wants to add or remove any medicines from his list on the app. He should be able to access all information about its products.

Order Tracking & Notifications

The pharmacy should enable the feature of getting notified with a text message or a pup up message each time a user orders medicine. This helps them in processing the order fast.

Digital prescriptions

The app should allow the pharmacist to get access to the prescriptions uploaded by the users.

Manage Discounts

To get loyal customers for repeated orders, one should be able to offer them discounts.

Order Management

The pharmacists should be able to arrange the orders and look after things such as processing the orders, returns made by the customers, and providing refunds for those returns.HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

Track Payments

TMaintain transparency, all payments should come directly in the app and the pharmacist should be able to track them easily.


It should have the personal details of the delivery boy along with the history of deliveries made by him.

Push Messages

They should be intimidated about any new orders places through push notifications on their phones.

Tracking system

The delivery boys who are out to deliver the product should have a GPS tracking system to locate the customer easily.

Delivery updates

He should be able to update the status of the medicine delivery at each step so that all information stays up to date.

Inventory Management

This feature enables the admin to keep themselves updated about all products and the stock they have. They should be intimated about the expiry date of the products as well.

Marketing & Promotion Tools

They should be able to run campaigns that attract more customers. This helps them get in touch with more pharmaceutical companies.

Mobile Development Services

Manage suppliers and users

The admin should have the power to manage the manufacturers, suppliers, and users through their online profile on the app.

Access & Generate Reports

They should be allowed to get all data on the workflow of the app, so that they can prepare an up to date report on the same.

Why Choose App India?

Our expert pharmacy app developers are able to create the best user friendly medicine delivery app that will make your customers’ lives easier and take your business to a new level.

As a leading pharmacy app development company, we can build you an on-demand medicine ordering and delivery app. No matter whether you’re a single-store pharmacy, a chain of pharmacies or are simply in the final lap of understanding how to start an online pharmacy business, both you and your customers can hugely benefit by e-pharmacy website and app solution.

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