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An interface that is absolutely inevitable for the modern day, Frog CMS Interface simplifies content management and file management. This elegant user-interface ensuring optimum flexibility templating per page was launched years back as a PHP Radiant. Highly user-friendly, this interface is a renowned Ruby on Rails Application and a PHP version of Radiant CMS. It requires no scripting language, has an easy templating code and has its own unique characteristics like PHP5, MySQL Database, SQLite 3 with PDO and a Web Server for which Apache with Mod Rewrite is highly recommended. The team at App India Company relies on it to provide the best projects that ensure total satisfaction for their esteemed clients. 

Frog CMS Interface is well-suited for writers who prefer not to learn the language as PHP isn’t used in article pages. The designer of it will code some basic conditions or loop to enhance the pulsating to the client’s site. This ensures heightened dynamicity to the latest news, latest articles, picture gallery and more. The experts at App India Company are well-versed in information management systems, E-Commerce sites, online brochures and product catalogues as well as providing the most reliable simplified CMS that guarantees to meet the requirements. 

Charting its own development path, Frog CMS Web Hosting offers ample space and bandwidth to manage various websites. With an exemplary support by the technical staff, 24X7, this simple interface that has super-speed is relied on by App India Company tech-wizards to bring new dimensions to their pages, articles, snippets, layouts and files and it is immensely flexible too. 
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