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Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development

Cryptocurrency: the digital money that controls the flow of money in the digital world. The world of fiduciary money transactions always pushes the limits, and the charges generated by that transaction seem to be of great value. This plan has changed after the introduction of the cryptocurrency as a means of transaction. So, it's time to change the world with your digital currency. App India Solutions, one of the best cryptocurrency development companies, offers you a lot of development and related services.

A cryptographic chain can be straightforward- or will your project become one of the most useful projects in the world? Depending on this, the time and cost of development will differ. Your wallet will be able to use any block chain, as well as connect to the exchange API (including FIX4) and the banking API. Protection of storage and data transmission channels using:

  • Common encryption technologies using passwords and certificates
  • Unique in-house development- irreversible encryption technology

We Offer Cryptocurrency wallet App develop with following features

  • Faster and affordable currency transactions
  • Fully decentralized options
  • Mining any currency
  • Obtain investment Suggestion
  • Automatic public key generation

Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development Companies develop bitcoin applications (and other crypto applications), wallet to negotiate, settle and buy, as well as hardware wallets to store bitcoins offline. Features include public and private key management, access to the exchange platform and map applications to find traditional Bitcoin vendors.

Cryptocurrency wallet is a program functionality permitting users to monitor, earn and transmit virtual currencies. Unlike present banks or pocket wallets that store real currencies, cryptocurrencies can only be documented as transactions on the block chain technology. If a cryptocurrency is transferred to the wallet, it means that the possession of the currency is signed off to a wallet’s address.

Advantages of Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet


Several of distinct cryptocurrencies have come into present existence. Each has a special infrastructure, purpose, and ecosystem. If you’re willing to use various currencies, the multi-currency wallet will let you access multiple currencies from the same/single wallet.

Detect Duplicate Payments

The purpose why cryptocurrency systems, in general, don’t accept charge-backs, it’s somewhat dangerous for fund suppliers to acquire out of nothing or precisely by performing fraudulence. Moreover, with the 2-factor authorization procedure of Bitcoin Wallet Development, the private wallet keys are incredibly safe.

Automatic session Logout

We take care of account security; so develop primary security process every single session. The session logs out automatically after a fixed time (minutes or hours). So that your account keep secured always.

Inflation-Free Investment

Every cryptocurrency is supposed to contain after it hits/surpasses specific value. Because the quantity of virtual currency cannot exceed certain value/amount, the cryptocurrency can ever stay off the inflation grid.

Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development

  • Advanced and efficient block chain solutions- We follow the trends of the industry. We attend thematic conferences.
  • Process transparency and budget control- Monthly reporting for the client. Hourly and project payment.
  • Block chain app factory build a long-term relationship with the customer- Close cooperation with the client. From Ethereum Wallet Development to partnership in business.
  • Expertise in various application areas- WEB-development, Litecoin Wallet Development, GAME-development, UI and UX-design, Internet marketing.

There are following Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet features

  • 2-factor Authentication to maintain the secure account
  • Most frequently used address available automatically which recently used
  • Paper walled development to scan and process paper cryptocurrency
  • Conversion Rate live update to see the current value of coins
  • OR Code Scanner helps you to the quick transaction
  • Push notification when cryptocurrency value changes
  • Merchant services to join the other crypto Marchant
  • Security the app with pass or pin
  • Auto denial duplicate payment

There are four types of Cryptocurrency available here

Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development Company

Web Wallet

Cryptocurrency wallet needs the web to access to operate all functions.

Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development Services

Mobile wallet

You can easily access anytime from anywhere. It is a totally online functionality based.

Bitcoin Wallet Development

Desktop wallet

It is more reliable and more secure than mobile and web wallet.

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