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ICO is an improved investment attraction, inextricably linked to cryptocurrency and block chain. Since the first ICO introduced in 2013, this abbreviation has lodged in the minds of millions of people. The government of various countries, such as China and South Korea, has introduced a series of laws to tightly regulate various ICO agencies. But these restrictions are meaningless because the process of popularization and widespread use can no longer be stopped. Our ICO agency offers a list of services aimed at the turnkey ICO. Contact ICO development Company today to design and develop ICO Website.

The staff includes specialists from all areas, from web designers to marketing analysts. In simple words, throughout the entire period of the ICO, we will perform technical work and work to attract investors. It remains for you to supervise the work at all stages of the project and timely payment for services. Dozens of satisfied customers and successful ICO startups are behind. Do not miss the chance, and start cooperation.

We also offer the following servies

Token Development Service

We offer design and develop professional Token Development Service at App India at a reasonable price. Our expert developer provide all App features within month.

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ICO Marketing Services

We provide ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Marketing services worldwide So if you are looking for best ICO Marketing company then Contact us. We have an expert team of ICO Marketing Services.

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Blockchain Development Services

We develop innovative blockchain- based technologies that redefine the concept of trust and smart technologies.

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We offer the following things in ICO Development Services

  • Whitepaper Creation

  • Lighpaper Creation

  • Presentation Creation

  • Landing Page Creation

  • PR Kit Creation

ICO Development
  • Coin Drop

  • Bounty management

  • Listing Service

  • Coin or Token Creation

  • Marketing Plan Creation

How we Initiate ICO Funding

Below is our tesed model of success lounching ICO

Discuss Ideas and Create Molel paper

Our ICO expert disccus your requirement and create whitepapar of clear vision.

Coin Offer for All User

We setup countdown interval so that visitors commit the investment amount that you offer and they can purchase the coin or taken online.

Dashboard Setup & Pre- ICO marketing

We setup the social media profile for Pre- ICO marketing like facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram, Google+

Wallet Setup & Coin Drop Features

At last step; we develop to drop alloted price of coins or token to your investors’ whitelable web app and mobile wallet.

The following are the step by step process of lounching the ICO

AppIndia is well-known Blockchain App Development Company in India that offers the ICO development services worldwide. We are specializing in developing ICO solutions and it enhances your business needs. You can watch this video for our step by step process of ICO creation and generation which is developed by the expert. After watching this video you can understand the entire execution plan.

ICO Development Company

We do the following before ICO Development

  • Whitepaper Drafting

    We create impressive white paper to introduce the newly developed crypto coin in the market.
  • Strategy for App

    Create a roadmap according to your requirement and we take care of the security of product.
  • Marketing

    We setup the professional marketing plan to spread the information online like Social media marketing.
ICO Development
  • Coin Development

    We develop trusted and secure Coin which is fully customized as your requirement.
  • Blockchain Integration

    Develop Standard, Automate and secure platform for various Industries with customised Blockchain Integration services.
  • Support

    We provide technical support by expert whenever you need help. If you have any issues then you can ask directly.

We Perform the Follwoing Pre ICO Launch Services

  • PR & Marketing

  • Whitepaper Prospectus

  • Technology Setup

  • Landing Page Setup

  • ICO Customer Services

  • Smart Contract Setup

  • Blockexplorer Addon

We Perform the Follwoing Post ICO Launch Services

exchange listing assistance

price volatility hedging service

blockchain software development

due diligence report and ico summary

We develop the following Industry Applications for Blockchain Technology


Real Estate


Health care and Insurance

Logistics & Trading

Accounting & Finance


The ICO Development website must be dynamic and able to change rapidly. An initial base structure designed to quickly scale all the phases of the ROADMAP up to the actual fundraising. We offer comprehensive ICO services, including technical expertise, forward-thinking marketing plans, and access to our network of experienced legal counsel, enabling our clients to turn an idea into a successful and sustainable ICO.

The ICO developer is ready to fulfill an order of any complexity at an affordable price. You should pay attention to a huge list of services. This can be demonstrated by dividing the work on the project into several stages:

  • 1 Preparatory work. Detailed development of the startup idea, creation of a roadmap and whitepaper for future investors, marketing analysis and financial model, a planned model of the site and content creation.
  • 2 Turnkey website development. Works aimed at creating a block chain shell, that is, smart contacts, token emission in the block chain, the introduction of payment systems, and the possibility of a transaction. Creating a UX / UI website design is a very important step, as convenience and simplicity are half the success for attracting customers. Frontend and backend development - creating a site framework and engine.
    Many ICO agencies offer low-quality work at an inflated price. ICO Development Services Company in India, as contractors, undertake to carry out detailed work on the ICO and give guarantees for a successful outcome. Our ICO agency does not contradict the Constitution and has the necessary documents and assurances.

If you are in doubt, then it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the advantages of working with ICO marketers:

  • Full-service cycle and performance of work of any complexity.
  • Highly qualified specialists in the field of the block chain, ICO, web development, marketing.
  • It has long been documented in the business.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • A unique vision in terms of marketing.
  • Openness and honesty at all stages of cooperation.
  • Friendly service.

It is important to know about the ambitious future of the ICO. Standard IPO investments will be a thing of the past. With the help of ICO, making money was not only profitable but also interesting.

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