Google Play Store vs App Store: Which is the best to go for app development?

Google Play Store vs App Store: Which is the best to go for app development?

by admin | April 9, 2021

The two basic platforms where most of the users can download the apps are Google Play Store & Apple App Store. The users who own iOS devices can easily download the applications from Apple App Store; while Android users can only download it from Google Play Store.

If you want a mobile application development or launch it, it doesn’t matter how good your app development idea is or how long it take to develop an app. Whatever the features your application is offering, for success it is important to select the right platform to launch your app.

Whether you select to develop your app for Android or iOS, just remember that the achievement of your app relies on downloads.  If there are no downloads the app is a failure no matter how great it is. To identify the best platform to submit your application, you must require time for proper research. Google Play Store downloads are upgrading at a higher rate than iOS.

Instead, you directly plan to launch your app on the Google Play Store; it is helpful to understand the six factors that you select between Google Play VS App Store:

  1. Know Your Audience
  2. Features Set
  3. Monetization
  4. The intricacy of App Development
  5. The demand for App Store
  6. App Maintenance charges
  7. Know Your Audience

The first thing is to know your market before launching your mobile app. you needs to understand the right platform for your application while selecting. Hence we have divided our audience into three sectors

Geolocation: If you focus to target the global market, then Google Play Store is a great option because it leads the global market where iOS didn’t exist in the competition.

Age Factor: usually iOS device users are youth and educated ones between the ages of 18 to 25 years. So launching apps like chatting app, dating apps, and social networking apps are best suited in iOS.

Gender: the iOS apps are mostly used by females because it is faster than Android. So launching a cooking app, workout app, or recipe app then it is perfect in Apple’s App Store.

In a Nutshell: before hiring an iOS App Developer, be assured that your app development idea matches with the Android or iOS market.

Feature Sets:

The feature set is mainly related to the process of application. Hence Apple is defined as a closed-ecosystem, where a developer can write code for an application to heed Apple’s ecosystem. While Android is an open-source ecosystem where developers customize and modify the app with features

Google Play Store provides more elasticity to customize your app with the best features. The closed ecosystem of iOS proves safer and balance.


The difference between iOS and Android users is Android users are fewer chances to pay for applications than iOS users, so launching apps in IOS than Android app in Google Play Store is more monetize.  But you have no idea when Google Play Store takeover the App store in terms of app monetization.

Apple’s App Store gets twice revenue than Google Play Store.

Intricacy of the App

Making an app for Android is more complex than iOS as developers want to confirm the suitability of the platform, also no bug and crash issues are there while operating systems.

If you want to engage your users longer and need improvisation in an app, then it is worth it to look for iOS App Development Services and target Apple App Store.

Demand for App Store

Apple devices are known for high performance of apps and are fully safe with closed ecosystem hence iOS apps become the first choice of the corporate sector. Where Android apps are free to install and easy to approach on many devices as they run global market share.

It depends on the type of app, like if you are focus on the corporate sector, then it is right to launch an Apple App Store, while services apps are best to begin on Google Play Store.

App Maintenance charges

IOS devices remain updated and take the latest versions, to launch your app on iOS; you need to hire an iOS Developer. They make usual changes for suitability with a new version of operating systems. And make it bug-free to run an old operating system without any issues.

Because of frequent changes in the app the cost of maintenance will be higher than Android apps.

Ended by You

This post aims to lead you by these factors when you think to decide which platform you want to launch your app.

Well, Android app development is the best choice to focus on the local market by a Google Play Store, while iOS apps are useful to monetize by Apple’s App Store.  Mobile App Development Company designs apps that help you to reach your targeted audience and allow you to boost revenue.