How to reduce the cost of app maintenance?

How to reduce the cost of app maintenance?

by admin | January 12, 2021

You need to realize that the app development cost and app maintenance cost differ from each other. You have to identify an appropriate pricing plan and parameters to develop your app. As soon as your app development phase ends, the maintenance one is initiated. Maintenance for your app will help you to avoid issues that hamper the interaction of your users with your mobile app. Several businesses out there strive to cope up with the maintenance price since the process is important to keep pace with the competition, trends, and upgraded devices.

App maintenance is also great in a way that the features you eliminated in the development phase due to a low budget can now be added in this phase. You can now get it done at comparatively low costs. It is observed that the maintenance cost of any app is 15-20% of what the development cost was.

Considerable factors for maintenance price

  1. Updating the design

Sometimes the initial design you thought as a suitable one, might not go well as planned after the development phase is over. But as you know the designing phase has already gone, you can now do nothing. This kind of issue can be taken care of in the maintenance phase. The design of a mobile app is something that can’t be ignored. With the passing time, you will find something more to be added in the design or something just to keep your users engaged.

One more reason for upgrading the design of your app is the introduction of new mobile devices in the market. The change in the screen size might lead to the imbalance of the functionality therefore needs updating.

  • Stay updated with the latest Android or iOS version

Android and iOS mobile industries keep regularly updating their operating systems. The app developed in previous versions of OS might not work for some upcoming ones. There are OS that releases an update every year.  Every new version has some advancement or improvement. One major issue faced by most of the mobile apps is that they stop working if they aren’t compatible. So you have to a little proactive here, you must release a new version of your app even before the OS is updated. Else, if you fail to meet this, your app will induce issues leading to criticizing feedback.

  • Update app features

It is important to keep the interest of your customers to your app anyhow. It can be done with a better user experience. You can release a beta version of your app that will help you understand what your customers like and what they didn’t. You can instruct your development team to go ahead based on this received feedback because it is the users only who will be accessing the app bringing you revenue.

Why go for the maintenance of your app?

  1. Your job doesn’t end after allowing people to use your app, rather the actual responsibility begins here. You have to ensure the users love your app. You have to keep an eye to get an understanding of the user’s experience. It will help you serve better experience and develop a long term relationship with them.
  2. If your app is serving a good experience and timely updates to the users, the chances for uninstalling it from the device reduces. If you want your users to keep using regularly, you have to serve something great, updated, and new.
  3. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to consistently update your app. If your users feel that you are not making the required efforts, they will start looking for the alternative yours and will move to it.
  4. Maintenance of the app implies the maintenance of brand image. If you don’t want to spoil the image keep updating your app.
  5. If your app is updated on a frequent basis, it will give you loyal customers, which implies a dedicated source of revenue. However, if you failed to do so, you might end up losing more than what it could have taken to update.

Practices of app maintenance

  1. Ensure to update the bugs on regular basis.
  2. Add on new feature updates.
  3. Make sure your app is supporting the latest versions of Android and iOS.
  4. Perform frequent and recurrent system maintenance.
  5. Check for the licenses.
  6. Track down the performance of your app.

Ways to decrease the cost of app maintenance

  1. If you are looking to make your app a perfect piece of your creativity, you have to spend a huge amount of money even after the launch.  Once your app is launched, you will receive a lot of feedback positive and negative. You will need to go through the feedback of your users. Therefore, rather than investing a huge sum of money in mobile app development, you can hold some of it to be spent later after the launch on maintenance to be done based on user data.
  2. Once you plan your development process, identify the important features you want to have. You can decide what you want in the app development phase and what in the maintenance phase. This can be done with deep research.
  3. Pick up the right platform to start with for your development project based on the purpose. Make sure you select a professional app developer or mobile app development company.

Getting a mobile app for a business is important for the time. If developing an app is the primary step to growth, maintenance is the secondary. It will help you increase the revenue thereby allowing you to manage everything appropriately.