How to yield an Android app from iOS?

How to yield an Android app from iOS?

by admin | January 2, 2021

Owning an iOS-based app, for your business is a great opportunity to promote your business among your patrons. This is because; this platform has always proved to be the appropriate choice when it comes to serving a standard set of audiences. It will allow you to earn more money.

But you cannot also ignore the power of the Android app. You can start with the iOS app initially, but sooner or later, you have to turn to the Android app too.

One of the prime reasons to go for the conversion of the Android app from iOS is that you can begin earning more revenue.

But if you are still pondering over the reasons for why should you consider the android app, have a glimpse of the following –

  1. The Android smartphone users occupy almost 70-80% of the market. And in this case, if you neglect them, you are taking risk of losing a majority of your potential customers.
  2. You can monetize your android app with several features, which will help you earn more revenue through the apps.
  3. When you consider shifting from iOS to Android, you give yourself and your customers, an increased chance to have access to a more number of features.

How to transform iOS to Android app?

If you are thinking to exploit any tool for this process, so I would like to tell you that my dear friend you are going in the wrong direction. There are no such prefabricated tools that one can use to metamorphose your iOS apps to Android. Start your journey with the following –

First analyze then construct a plan

Analyze the existing iOS app for the features, design, procedure, etc. Don’t forget to consider the errors, bugs, or issues that can occur and needs to be predetermined. You can think of a resolution or optimize the Android version.

Back-end individualities, app migration process, tools, and frameworks must be verified profoundly for conformity.

Evaluation and implementation

One needs to estimate all the existing technical challenges in the code, libraries, and third-party services. Now, choose the right technology to make app migration precise and less time to utilize and ultimately initiate the development.

The app development process or the moves to create an app depend upon the nature and category of the app that you are looking to convert. And in numerous cases, shifting the iOS app to Android or one platform to another is relatively analogous to building an android one. Therefore you should not assume it to be completed in a week or month.

It encompassed features and design adaptation by developing Android explicit UX and functionality, prepping up the back-end, and revenue-generating tools.

Testing then launching

Just like any other mobile app development procedure, quality assurance is exceptionally imperative to transfer the iOS app to Android or vice versa. You can operate on real Android devices or emulators for testing, based upon the tactics and strategies of the mobile app development company that you hire for your app transfer.

Besides this, you can also go with discrete sort of mobile app testing strategies, like stress testing, validation, user acceptance testing, black-box testing, or beta testing.

Once it appears to be fine to you, you can submit the app to the Google Play Store and start marketing your app.

So, these are the personalized processes that any competent iOS or Android app development company follows to shift the iPhone app to the Android app.

In spite of opting for any ready-made tool or iOS to android app converter, you can discuss your app requirements with any proficient app developer team and acquire the perfect solution to your problems.