List of best Taxi Booking apps

List of best Taxi Booking apps

by admin | November 6, 2020

Taxi booking app is not just a resource for easy travel but it has become a necessity for our busy life. Almost every one of us uses taxi apps these days. Have anyone imagined that booking a cab could be this easy?

But still, it has become the most used utility apps that have allowed us to book a cab simply with a click. Today, there are several taxi booking apps online that are making our lives faster and easier.

But what are the taxi apps that we can trust? What are the most used apps by the people today? Which company is serving value for the money we spend?

Let’s have an overview of the apps that have gained immense popularity in past few years –


If we talk about the market share, Uber has acquired majority of the population of the world and has more than 70% of the ride booking market share.  Uber founded in the year 2009 has its headquarters located at San Francisco, California, USA with strength of more than 22000 employees.

The reasons behind the popularity of Uber are the user-friendly interface, easy payment modes, safety features on ride, different cab models for hire, and others. Some of the countries where Uber is actively working are Indonesia, Japan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and many more.


Lyft is a US based taxi booking app working actively in more than 60 cities of United States. Lyft has accumulated more than 25% of market share in USA.

Lyft was founded in the year 2012 with its headquarters at San Francisco, California, USA is actively operating in more than 600 cities of USA and 12 cities of Canada with more than 4500 employees working for them.

Lyft is a user-friendly app that gives excellent response time and exclusive safety measures. Lyft provides you an option to be one of the three users’ types: Lyft, Lyft Plus, and Lyft Line.

Ola Cabs

Ola is one if the fastest growing taxi app firms and is serving over 100 cities of India. The service is available for many vehicle types including small cars, metered cabs, and standard sedans.

Ola being one of the biggest taxi booking app companies has offered TaxiForSure, which is one of the popular ridesharing services in India.

Ola is available for all devices including Android, iOS, and Windows-based smartphones. Ola was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Bangalore in India with an employee base of 6000. Just download the app and you are good to go.

Grab Taxi

Grab is a Malaysia based taxi service company that was founded in the year 2012 and currently serving more than 500 cities of 8 countries including Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Grab provides you easy taxi and fast booking services.

It is also offering other services like GrabBike and GrabCar. It is the best option when you are looking for a comfortable and secure ride.

It offers some amazing features like ride tracking and pre-screening of drivers. The service is available for users with Android, iOS, and Blackberry users.

Didi Dache

Didi Dache is a renowned taxi booking service app that was launched by the merger of two renowned China’s ridesharing apps. The company also have a support from giants like Alibaba and Tencent.  

Didi a known Chinese transportation firm situated in Beijing, China was founded in 2012 and has strength of more than 11000 employees. Didi has a customer base of more than 550 million users.

Didi is serving over 400 cities for the products including Premier, Luxe, Bus, Enterprise Solutions, Food Delivery, etc.


Hailo has become one of the fastest growing taxi booking app company based out in UK and was founded in the year 2011. Hailo is serving more than 20 cities of UK including Madrid, Barcelona, and London along with all areas of Ireland. You can even book cab for your guests with this amazing app.

You can also enjoy business class ride with Hailo. It is now even available for citizens of Singapore as metered taxis booking.

It allows you to book cabs easily and faster and the app is available for Android, iOS, and Apple watch users. It is serving 9 countries that include Germany, Singapore, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, and UK.


Cabify is a Spain-based cab booking app that provides you the ease of booking cabs. Cabify is operating in several countries like Chile, Columbia, Spain, Portugal, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Peru, Panama, and Argentina, and more than 90 cities.

The company was founded in the year 2011 with headquarters in Madrid, Spain has accumulated a staff of 1800 employees. The app offers you multi-payment options, invoices, Cabify for business, multiple accounts support, and many more.

Major of the apps are a clone of one or the other. Almost each of the above mentioned apps provide similar functionality. Every country has its ridesharing service app providers.

The use of taxi app is increasing day by day since it provides flexibility to user to access this app according to his requirements.

FAQs for taxi booking app

  • What are the apps for booking a taxi?

You can find a number of taxi booking apps like Uber, Ola, Hailo, and Lyft. You can book a cab with any of these apps being anywhere in the world.

  • How can I develop a taxi booking app?

If you are looking to get a taxi app development, you can reach any leading app development company like App India that will help you get one within very less time.

  • Can I use these apps in my own language?

Yes, most of these apps support multi-language features, so you won’t be having any language barrier while accessing the app.