Top Android App Development Trends to glanced in 2021

Top Android App Development Trends to glanced in 2021

by admin | February 5, 2021

No doubt that Android is gradually being a most challenging mobile OS with more than 80% of the market share with more than 3.04 million applications hitting the Google Play Store, starting from day-to-day tools like calendars, web browsers, social media applications, to complex games, undertaking mobile apps.

When it comes to setting up a mobile app, the Android operating system brings all the attention. Android apps are user-friendly and will surely surpass the app industry in the expected years. With the increasing popularity and distribution of products and services, Android app development is developing with the most current trends and technologies.

Android App Development Trends to Watch Out

The selection of Android has qualified essential variation, generally supporting the better user experience. You need to serve the trends of tomorrow for staying ahead in the continuously progressive competition. Before hiring an expert for the mobile app development industry, you must understand the advanced and most recent Android app development trends. So, let’s dig into the latest Android app development trends that will give a new shape to business models in 2021.

Instant Apps in android

Instant apps are rare in Android app development; however, they are still becoming popular. Instant apps in android commonly permit users for trying games or applications without installing them on your device. They keep continue downloading the app and help the users to use the web, directly without installing them. Such technology helps in e-commerce businesses and games.

The Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology gives diverse app development solutions that boost up transparency, remove unauthorized access, and interference making the use of strong security code. This is the best Android app development option especially for the financial sectors like banks, currency exchanges, and others. Some advantages offered by Blockchain are

  • It has less chance to cut data loss.
  • Provide data for better performance if there is a network failure
  • Blockchain android apps are more protected and safer for data encryption.

Machine Learning and some Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As cloud computing carries a vast amount of computing strength for each organization, creating AI models that regulate rules and carry tasks became more relaxed. You can even apply for automation of different tasks, including image identification, natural language preparation, or data analytics.

Multiplatform Development (flicker)

Flicker is a new technology from Google and also the future of android app development. This structure permits the app development using a native junction for platforms like iOS and Android. A heap of developers prefers this platform for constructing the mobile apps because of its computability and adaptability.

Some key reasons to choose flexibility include are

  • Native design
  • Easy to understand the feature
  • MVP development

Chatbots and Google Assistant

More and more entrepreneurs or business owners will boast an interest in linking the services and content to their practice with the Google Assistant in 2021. The first benefit of utilizing such a combination is that you can get speedy ways for users to use this app straight with the mobile Assistant. With App Actions, you can perform deep-connection for particular functions within just your mobile app from the Google Assistant.

Advance 5G Technology

In comparison with 4G networks, the 5G technology is much quicker and super fast, which is unbelievable. With the high radio frequency and the fastest speed of 100 GBPS, 5G technologies extend to the supremacy of data transmission practicing 1.4 billion mobile gadgets worldwide. You can design a feature-rich app offering 5G upgraded performances.

Bottom line

Each year comes up with innovations, new technology; new ideas with some trendy significant changes. We can certainly make a declaration that the Android Operating System is gripping unprecedentedly moving to see continuous experience lead to offer demands to clients. If you are searching towards building an Android app, just consider the above-mentioned trends that will surely help your business to grow.