Why cloud computing is considered best development platform?

Why cloud computing is considered best development platform?

by admin | October 20, 2020

The mobile app development industry is growing rapidly at a rate no one would have ever thought when smartphones were brought into existence. As the number of apps on the Play Store is increasing, the number of downloads is also increasing. But not every app gets downloaded from there.

Only the mobile apps that have something worthy to download are installed and used by the users. Else there are numerous android apps that daily get installed and then again are deleted from mobile phones.

Surveys have shown there are more than 4-5 million mobile applications available on Play Store and App Store although both are not created in a similar manner.

Years ago, the apps were only native that required to get installed on mobiles for getting used. Native apps are those designed for specific platforms and they can run only on the platform for which it is built like Android and iOS apps.

But now the technology has helped to bring out cloud-based apps that run on the servers and are accessed by browsers like Google Chrome or Opera.

An app development company can have a great start with cloud-based apps that will help them to get success. If it is your first time with such apps then it can be somewhat hectic.

Benefits of using Cloud Computing app development

  • Easy to launch on Android and iOS at once – Cloud computing apps work on Android and iOS operating systems both at the same time just as the opposite of native apps. Such apps help you to broaden your reach to your audience at mass. It will help you resolve your confusion about choosing which of the platform to build your app. You don’t have to waste your time over pondering which platform would be helpful in targeting more audience at initial. When you launch your app on both of the platforms you will have a bigger reach and more advantages. It won’t let you ignore any section of the market.
  • Low cost – When you are getting a native app for your business it can be quite costly and if you know about development price then you must be aware that iOS-based apps require more time and money than Android. When anyone wants to get apps for both platforms the person has to be willing to spend that bigger price. The best part of getting cloud apps is that it is cost-effective and helps you save your efforts.
  • Takes less time– When you develop a native app it can be a lengthy process and can take longer than the deadline stated. If you want to add more features the process will take more than 6 months to get completed. Several apps that have complex functionality can take more than a year to be built. But cloud computing apps take much less time than native apps thus being time-efficient.
  • No download needed – Cloud-based mobile apps work on an internet browser rather than getting download or installed. It helps you save your mobile phone’s storage while it’s not the same as native apps that can only be run by downloading it to your phone.
  • Easy to recover data – If you have mobile apps that are built on the cloud can help you recover your data anytime it’s needed which is not possible in the case of native apps whose data is kept on the local servers. When kept in the cloud your data is safe in any situation.

If you want to develop a mobile application that is economical and efficient as an alternative to a native app then you must consider building a cloud computing-based mobile app. Such apps are the best to develop for your users.