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Prado Development

A powerful open-source, object-oriented, event-driven, component-based PHP network, Prado is an acronym of PHP Rapid Application Development Object-oriented. This cross-platform Web framework promises unmatched web application development platform. Well-designed with a set of full-features, database and having ample support of various platforms as well as model-view controller-based system, active record database support, form & data validation, security and XSS filtering, expert services of it are offered here at App India Company. 

Ideal for the modern era, it delivers the exemplary benefits like
Reusability of codes in Prado component protocols 
User-friendliness as it has configuring component properties
Robustness as the codes can be written in the aspects of objects, methods and properties unlike URLs and query parameters. Its PHP5 mechanism ensures line-precise error reporting
Excellent performance ensured with a cache technique 
Team integration as the pages have logic presentation stored in various files to enable separation of content and presentations

Prado helps in reducing development time visibly and with a protocol of writing and using components to construct Web Applications, customization is never a hassle with it. App India Company relies on it for creating topnotch web applications with high user-friendly aspects. From developing blog systems to a complete E-Commerce solutions, it promotes object-oriented programming. Well-suited for team works and enterprise development, it has an excellent range of Cache techniques to accommodate high traffic requirements. Immensely stable, it has Bugs and feature requests managed through GitHub.