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Mobile Risk Management

Today, running a business in this digital era is not trouble-free. To remain in sync with competitors you need to use various mobility solutions that can appear great but you need to be aware of the menace too. Make sure most excellent practices and diminish the risks linked with mobile devices. Go beyond usual mobile device management services and cut costs on redundant software. To maintain the overall security quotient much more proficient you need to make certain that corporate data is protected and all regulatory compliances remain confined to it. If you want assured solutions for your Mobile Risk Management (MRM) then we at App India Company help you in all this. Have the varied use of Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry OS with effortlessness.


We have a team of proficient experts who offer risk management applications that allow users to recognize major elements of their organization that they want to verify frequently. Each recognized part can be supported by an examination checklist and an examination frequency which the user can make and plan. In case a risk is recognized, an exemption report can be arranged within the application with a planned mitigation plan. This can be assigned, and once corrective actions are completed, the user can text field verification using the mobile device.

Why to choose APP India Company for mobile risk management?

Being a leading company we can help you accomplish the correct quantity of risk mitigation, device management as well as compliance declaration from side to side a well thought out move towards to MRM. Be it using Bluetooth or NFC, there’s a lot going on nowadays in the mobile digital world.We via using advanced technologies fully address risks that are linked with mobility infrastructure and access situational risks as well as outside physical threats that can take place. Our solutions diminish threat, save time, and without difficulty configure to meet existing working needs.

Need of Risk Management Solutions for iPhone, iPad and Android

Most organizations need a well thought out plan and strategy as there can be many complex security and compliance risks. Perform device backup auditing and thresholds with ease. Take accounting to a new level and secure your data. Do more with password aging facility (the central server determines when you need to change your password) and strength policies (that helps get the latest security patches and updates).

How We Help?

We fully address risks that are associated with mobility infrastructure and access situational risks as well as external physical threats that can occur. We help you identify potential threats and stop any compliance breaches, helping your company and business focus on other important things.

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