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Want to get a customized mobile application? We here help you to get the best options ensuring that you get access to all feasible solutions. Our experts well familiar with the modern technologies and thus you can get all feasible solutions fulfilling your specifications in real-time.

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A Leader in App Development Services

If you are looking for a Mobile Application Development Company in Delhi, India then you are now at the right place. We at App India, offer Mobile app development services at a reasonable price. Our App development business helps maximum people in order to take their business online either through websites or mobile applications to improve their business. We will make sure that working with our energetic, creative, and enthusiastic team is fun-filled yet professional in every way possible. We have designed and developed apps on all most all mobile computing platforms for a varied list of clients.

We have a great team of expert mobile app developer that is master in their level of dedicated work. We work with commitment and on-time delivery. Man makes machines. A man also makes software. When the two intelligent factors join hands, an amazing product is born- Apps. Long years ago, when the term apps were coined, no one would have imagined that the Four-letter word had the power to change the world. Whether it is a mobile or an iPhone, apps have become an essential part of the day.

Today there are several companies competing with each other in the field of mobile app development services. Do you find yourself lost among the umpteen app development companies offering you a zillion things? Would you like to get an app developed by a bunch of talents? Then you are in the right place. App India is a platform where technology meets expertise in Mobile app development services.

Mobile App Development Company India

App India believes, to understand what you actually want and what you expect we have to see from the client’s perspective. Therefore, what we do is we land into your shoes, listen carefully to your ideas, analyze your requirements, and strategize according to them just to meet your expectations. Later, we blend these specified requirements to get the scope of the project, produce the prototype or MVP, & then define it through our technical approach. It finally filters down to litigable plans for a flawless mobile application development journey.

We concentrate on generating custom-built solutions for all your mobile application needs. Being in this advanced industry for more than 10 years, our teams of proficient experts have been able to deliver appealing Android mobile apps and iPhone apps too.

More about mobile app development

App India is an India-based creative mobile application development company, and we develop smart apps for any type of device. No matter, whether you are looking for an iPhone app development or an app for Android, we have it all ready for you. A group of visionary entrepreneurs who loves to dream it big and make it happen forms app India. With our vision of providing quality-driven solutions at affordable costs, we have successfully completed several years of business. We have developed several apps related to back office management, Healthcare, Social media, and lots more. Apart from native mobile app development, we offer apps for iPhone, Androids, Windows, and iOS too. For more details, contact us today.

One-stop shop for best Mobile App Development Services

App India is a blue-ribbon mobile app company developing feature-rich and interactive mobile applications for start-ups, medium and large-scale business enterprises. Our cutting-edge technologies and out-of-bounds methodology have been the reason behind our capability to deliver lucrative app development solutions to turn your small business into a leading market enterprise.

From planning to development and launch, we pursue the active project management procedure to get things done at a faster pace yielding maximum quality. Irrespective of the uniqueness or complexity level of your business ideas, our highly skilled team is always ready to onboard the challenges.

We have a dedicated pool of multiple designers, strategists, developers, and testers in our organizations to deliver you perfectly designed, and developed, innovative app development solutions to our clients. We take your business to new heights!

When contrasted with other android app development companies in the market - what makes us exceptional and stand out from the crowd? We consider every project as a new opportunity to deliver unmatched and next-generation solutions using leading-edge technologies. At Sevenstar Websolutions, precision is not just another attribute but also our way of life that we have become habitual to. When you join your hand with us - you are progressing on the path of making your digital dreams come true.

Android leads the way

A recent market survey reveals the truth. It is the Android, which rules the mobile world. Android has a market share of 81.3% while iOS follows the leader with a 13.4 %. Blackberry owns a share of 1%, while iPhone remains in the third position with a share of 4.1 %.

With android continuing to rule the world market in terms of popularity and profits, we understand that Android app development is not a child’s play. As a premier Android Application development India, we love developing cool apps. From the simplest apps, like gingerbread to the most complicated ones like Lollypop, we have created them all. If you want us to develop an app for you, give us a call right away. We can provide you apps for all reasons and seasons.

iOS creating its own space

Although Android app development is getting highly popular and has more customer base than that of iOS, iPhone apps are also fostering slowly but at a considerable rate. iPhone app development industry has started progressing towards holding a bigger share in market since the iPhone users are also increasing day by day.

Advantages of Mobile App Development

Our fully-fledged team of professionals makes sure that your business continues to stay free from any technical glitches. While we keep on to test and fix bugs (if any) comprehensively, you can concentrate on other concerns like business promotion. Apart from our competent maintenance team who continue to take care of your app, we also provide regular security updates to safeguard your client’s interest. Equipped with corybantic energy and a dedicated team, we have a serious focus on making our client’s app user-friendly, appealing, and easy to navigate.

Intensify the client engagement - Mobile app development works as a direct marketing interface among businesses and their customers, enabling direct and efficient communication. With a mobile app, you can send push notifications as well as in-app notifications to as many customers as you want.

More accessibility - App development allows different businesses to send notifications about what their app has as new or what updates have been made in their services or products. It equally enables businesses to create a strong and long-term relationship with their customers, to enable the development of a legitimate client base and high loyalty.

Customer value - Mobile application makes it feasible for you to conduct any loyalty program that you want to offer your customers. Rather than executing the old-style tactics, you can make it viable for your clients to receive their rewards through the mobile app. As a result, this will provide you increased downloads and more returning customers.

Brand awareness - A mobile app can be an effective tool for fabricating more brand awareness. You can decide to make it modish, elegant, informative, practical, or awful. It is all in your hands. But whatever you do, you should aim at creating a handy app that your customers will not only love but which has an exquisite design and is branded well. The more you make your customers involved in your product or services with your mobile app, the more likely they will be inclined to utilize it.

Customer’s Loyalty - The vigorous amount of advertising means available out there can work as turmoil for customers who are easy to lose focus. The solution to this can be employing a marketing strategy that can establish a true and sincere relationship with the customers.

Why we are Recognized as Top Mobile App Development Company?

We comprehend the requirements of our clients and recognize what services can serve their requirements well. In order to achieve this, we ensure to conduct deep research and analyses on the product, targeted users, and expected competitors to recognize the market requisites. Being a leading mobile application development company, we work hard & smart and we work to develop an enduring and strong relationship with every client.

Our team of Android app developers, iOS app developers, Web app developers, etc, are highly committed to delivering positive results along with an appropriate transformation of your requirements as an end product with the best mobile app design & development services and ensuring 100% transparency in our work. We passionately believe that being transparent is important in any process to make sure we are fulfilling our client’s expectations and go even beyond that.

  • We ensure to keep 100% transparency and accuracy in every facet with the patrons.
  • We embrace a customer-focused tactic to function as per the precise requirements of client.
  • We have been operating for helping our clients in achieving progress and utmost ROI.
  • We conduct our app development with versatile models of user engagement.
  • Our team serve 24*7 support and maintenance to our clients worldwide.

We are among the best in the app development industry

  • Best Quality offered - App India is known worldwide for providing an unmatched level quality in all of our products. We believe that we can only grow if our customer is growing and it is possible only if we serve them best quality service.
  • Experienced professionals - We have a large team of professional skilled enough over the time and our 10+ years of experience helps us delivering every project with efficiency. Since we are using the latest and cutting-edge technologies and tools in our development, you are never going to left behind in the market.
  • Customer-focused - We are developing mobile apps that are highly user-friendly allowing them to easily use and navigate through it. This will lead to attracting more users to your app rewarding you a high customer base. Timely Project Delivery - We never fail to deliver any of our projects on time that is the reason we have gained a 100% customer satisfaction and success rate.
  • Transparency - We never forget to keep our clients in loop of their project so that they are informed of whatever the work and progress in being made on their projects.
  • Innovation focused - We always try to ensure that we use the latest and innovative technologies in our projects so that our clients can reach their goals with more ease.

Our Approach to Mobile App Development


Requirement gathering, specification, & NDA signing

Once you, the client reach our organization, we have a discussion to gather all the requirements that you have developed for your product. This step is highly important because it is based on which the whole product will be developed. Our android app development or iPhone app development team is highly experienced at understanding and jotting the précised details onto the document. Once we prepare the documentation, it will be presented to you for confirmation. Once you approve, our team will present an agreement for the project initiation.


Requirement Analysis

After getting the requirements, feature lists, and all the required details from our client, what we do is an analysis of the requirements thoroughly to develop an understanding of what our client wants from the app and in is app. Each and every further step that the mobile app development team will follow in the production of the app.



When the understanding is already developed of the product about what a client wants to see in the app, it is time to bring the plan into action. Here the actual work gets started. The app is now sent to the app designing team that will provide the look and feel of the app. This needs to be the best, therefore, we ensure to take the client’s confirmation on our every design before conveying it to another team.


App Development

Till the time, the designs are not approved, it is not feasible to proceed with the development. And as soon as possible, it is done, next phase is initiated; i.e. app development. This specifies the work that is done to bring your expectations to reality. The more sleek and fine the functionality will work, more easily and helpful it will be for the users to exploit the app. Our team put their whole heart into the development to ensure you get only the best that you deserve.


Testing and Bug Fixing

After the development phase of a mobile application, we have to ensure there are no bugs, errors, or glitches in the app that we are going to deliver you. To make it possible, our testing team comes into use. They perform all the needed steps to find out the faults or bugs that can be a reason for app failure, which are then forwarded to the development team to remove. Once this is done, testing is done one more time and if again any bug appears, it is resolved. The main concern to do this step is providing our client a product that is near to perfect.


Launching and Maintenance

After everything is done and put in place, now the final step needs to be done. Ensuring everything goes right and after getting the client’s approval, we are ready to launch the app. If we have developed an Android mobile application, it will be launched over Google Play Store. Else, if it is an iOS mobile application, it will be introduced on Apple’s App Store.

Installing a Customized Cryptocurrency App

Get Familiar with the
Latest Technology

Want to get a customized cryptocurrency app? We here help you to get the best solutions that help you to give your business a new start. Our app is easily downloadable and you can get the latest news, widgets etc. We here help you to find the latest technology ensuring that you get access to the ideal cryptocurrency app that supports your smart gadget.


AppIndia App Developing

App Developing

Latest Technologies

We at App India come out with all latest technical specifications ensuring that you explore the true importance of mobile app. We bring in all best form of technologies and thus you can feel confident using the updated versions of mobile apps.

Our Services


App India: Developing POS Software Incorporating All Smarter Solutions

Want to get a custom-made POS software? We can help you to get all feasible solutions that give you the opportunity to handle the things in the right way. We here come out with the best POS software that aids you to do tracking, reporting etc. without putting much effort due to which your business incorporates all smarter approaches. Our experts are well familiar with the smarter options and thus you can feel the ultimate confidence knowing that get access to all effective solutions.

What we do?

Our POS software includes the following facets:

  • Data mining
  • KPI tracking
  • Custom dashboards
  • Real-time reporting
  • Predictive analysis
  • Decision support
  • Customer insights
  • Inventory insight
  • Comprehend data quicker

You can now make a right choice that makes it easier to get the ideal POS software learning the true benefits. Simply, you tell us you requirement and we would help you to get familiar with all necessary things ensuring that you can now manage all your business activities flawlessly. We are here to help you to know the real benefits of using POS software and thus you can find it easier to use the system fulfilling all your specifications.

POS Integration

We also develop end-to-end POS payment solutions that enable you to manage safe transactions improving the profits in your business. We ensure that we maintain the ultimate safety while doing the POS integration and thus you can get rid of all the worries knowing that you are able to use the system as you want. The third-party payment systems also facilitate EMV compliance and NFC payments that make the entire process easier. You can thus feel good and we are here to take care of all your needs ensuring that you can give your business a new start.

How we work?

Once we get your requirement we first do a detailed analysis according to which we start working and also we help you to get regular updates. We maintain a good commitment and thus you would get the entire work delivered on time that makes you feel happier and it comes out as our great achievement. We turn out with a complete professionalism due to which you can get a better experience with all the features working perfectly.

In this way, we help you to get a customized POS software with all smarter options that help your business to grow in the competitive industry.

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Updated in the latest advancements of technology, our professionals at App India design the ideal Apps that are not only user-friendly and easy to operate but also high on technical features that make iPhones Apps bug-free, stable and seamless.

Bringing new dimensions to professional responsibility, we analyze the vision of our clients, design the perfect App with exemplary technological expertise and guarantee the best iOS solutions. The uniquely interactive features that are customizable make our Apps dream-come-true for every client. We guarantee full-featured Apps replete with innovative ideas as our professionals do not rest until our clients are happy with the results.

Our Applications are well-suited to provide the full-meaning of every business and help customers understand the products, facilities/features, services, location/GPS as well as the impact on Social Networking Sites. From banking to gaming, barcode scanning to streaming of audio/visual media we are here to offer newest dimensions in technology at the most competitive rates.

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Get a Perfect Blockchain App From Us

Blockchain technology gains good importance today and carries set of data, which is cryptologically secure. However, there is no central supervision for blockchain and thus we take utmost care of the things ensuring that you get familiar with all optimistic facets. We come out with the skilled blockchain developers who carry out the entire process successfully coming out with all desired outputs. We use the best form of technology ensuring that you can now explore the real benefits of blockchain knowing that you are at the right place. We maintain a proper network that helps u working flawlessly and you can feel confident, as you get access to all necessary tings helping you to manage finances at your ease.

Why choose our services?

We handle Blockchain development with full dedication and care and you can thus stay away from all the worries making life easier. We employ the tools and languages in the right way due to which we help you to all feasible solutions as you need. Our blockchain development works aid you to improve your business opportunities and you can thus explore life in a new way.

First, we provide a detailed consultation on blockchain technology that helps you to learn the things and accordingly you can make a right decision. We always give you updates and thus you can now handle all the things in your way. We sometimes write the digital contracts in binary codes and you can thus get a detailed contract that makes it easier to start working. Our smart contracts work better than the traditional ones and you can now get familiar with all good options making your dreams come true. We conduct smart contract development process helping you to get blockchain contracts safe and thus you can explore the ultimate transparency of the process.

Blockchain App Development

Now, we start developing the customized blockchain app featuring the smarter facets ensuring that you handle all the options as you want. Our expert of team of Blockchain developers creates a user-friendly interface and you can easily install the app using the features at your ease.

Finally, you have the app functioning perfectly and it gives you the opportunity to comprehend the real importance of using Blockchain technology. You find it easier to buy the coins via the mobile wallet and we feel the pride to give you the true happiness in real-time. In this way, we reveal technology in a new way, which you can carry everywhere.

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The exhaustive software technology used in various Operating Systems ensure quick, convenient and smooth usability. The Google’s Android Platform offers Apps for smartphones, Tablets, Google TV and latest other electronic devices. With a powerful installed base for various Operating systems, the reach of Applications too is vast. Our team of specialists at App India create mobile Applications that are well- incorporated with powerful technology, yet is competitively priced.

The developers and enthusiasts here guarantee optimum security and ease of use making the Applications immensely usable in mobiles. Written in Java programming language and C# Android programming is done with exceptional care to heighten its relevance and the benefits are noteworthy. The success of it combined with the user-friendliness of its interface and a huge scope for functionality makes Android Mobile Application one of the most sought-after applications and our experts ensure that the clients are satisfied with our professionalism. Every aspect like the screen-size, device’s output and user’s hands are considered in detail before creating the ideal Application making it complaint-free.

Android software development programmed using Java Language and various development tools are high on security and our team at App India provides nothing but the best for our clients. With a range of tailor-made solutions and innovative programs created using latest technology offered in developing unique Apps, clients can be doubly sure of 100% satisfaction.

The impressive package we provide with client and server-side programs stored in a folder on the Android OS makes safety the #1 priority. We build dependable and powerful Command Tools, while creating unique Debug Android Applications. Our development tools are the best in the industry and hence ideal for Android platform Development. Supporting the previous and latest versions of Android Platforms, we offer developments for older devices as well. Analyzing and understanding the requirements of the industry in detail and updated in technology to deliver topnotch programs, we remain the most reliable team in every aspect.

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App India Technologies

Our Portfolio


Our iOS app Development Portfolio shows you how working with App India Technologies can better for your business with our custom app development

Our Packages

We offer affordable packages for Cryptocurrency Wallet Development (ERC20/ERC23, Bitcoin/Litecoin, Cryptonote/Menero, Doge/Waves/Dash), App Store Optimization (ASO) and App Development.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

  • Secured Authentication
  • Send and Receive Function
  • Billing and Invoice
  • Admin Panel
  • Windows/Linux/Mac Wallet
  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Push Notifications

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App Store Optimization

  • Initial Review & Technical Analysis
  • App Onpage/OnSite Optimization
  • App OffPage Optimization
  • App Social Media Optimization
  • App Basic Testing
  • App Video Marketing
  • App Optimization Report
  • Support Email, Ticket, Phone Support

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Mobile App Packages

  • Overall App Layout
  • App Logo Design
  • Mobile App Home Screen Design
  • Testing on Your Device
  • Testflight Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • iAds and RevMob Ads Integration
  • Publish on App Store

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  • UK : 6am BST / BDT : 4pm BST / BDT
  • AU : 2pm AWST / ACST
  • AEST : 10pm AWST / ACST / AEST
  • IN : 9am IST : 6pm IST

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Mobile app development is the process of developing an application for mobile devices. They are developed especially for providing a user-friendly experience to the users. They work only on mobile platforms and provide a better user experience than mobile-friendly websites.
Mobile app development is known as the sale-boosting tool, which keeps your users engaged and updated with your every service and offer on it. It promotes your business brand effectively.
Realizing the increasing market demands and ever-changing needs, we work dedicatedly and follow the latest technologies for the process of our development. With our client-oriented approach, we have managed to win many hearts of our clients. Such kind of technique, sometimes, even helps us to bring at our end, the so-called impossible tasks.
We being the acknowledged mobile app development company globally ensure not to disclose even the smallest detail of your app and app idea. Thus, signing an NDA becomes our priority just like transforming your app idea into reality.
Yes, we develop both android and iOS app for our clients. We as a leading app company in the market from many years have developed several Android and iOS apps for our clients.
Till date, we have developed more than 200 apps for our national and international clients.
We have different packages named Silver, Platinum, and Gold. All these three have different charges. You can choose from one of these, which suits you best. Our app company always ensure to serve what is best for you and reasonable too.
Yes, we provide our clients App support and maintenance after the app is developed by email, online chat or on call. We provide a free maintenance for the app we develop for the duration of 3-4 months. Later to that, a price is charged that is competent to 15% of the development cost.
Yes, we do have references for the different mobile applications we have developed. You can visit the portfolio page to see our mobile app development samples.
After the app is developed, it is our policy that is also mentioned in the NDA when it is signed, that we never keep the source code and app to ourselves. And it will be you, who is going to be the owner of the app developed after clearing all the terms.
No, it is not mandatory to patent your app idea. However if you do so, you can protect it from others to copy and make a similar one. This way, your new idea will always be yours only and there will not be many competitors.
If you want to know what can be nest suitable to convert your app, you will be required to share your idea. We will help you analyze it and decide which technology will be best suitable for it. We will even share some suggestions to make your app more advanced and handy.

We're ready to listen ...

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